Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vito's list of spoken words at 16 months old says that while a 16-month-old can basically understand almost everything you say, he/she can only speak an average of seven words.

Well, that makes my boy a huge talker! Here are his spoken words:
  1. Mama
  2. Papa
  3. milk
  4. water
  5. kain (or, when he's really hungry, he says "kang!")
  6. more
  7. no more
  8. dede (that's his word for chest, breasts and nipples)
  9. buhok (hair or head)
  10. toes
  11. nose
  12. t*t* (yep, his penis!)
  13. baby
  14. bye-bye
  15. hi
  16. baba (go down)
  17. no
  18. oh no! (he says this when he drops something or he's upset)
  19. car
  20. taxi
  21. choo-choo (that's his word for train)
  22. ball
  23. catch (for when we play ball)
  24. shoes
  25. book
  26. toothbrush (he says it as too-bush)
  27. light
  28. tray (his booster chair has a removable tray)
  29. doggie
  30. Teeda (our rabbit Matilda, although when he sees rabbits on TV, he still calls them Teeda!)
  31. fish
  32. monkey
  33. cat 
  34. blue
  35. yellow
  36. two
  37. moon
  38. flower
The other night at bedtime, we were praying, Vito and I, and when I said "Amen," he said, "Amen!" But I think it was just mimicking so I won't include that in his list just yet.

He can also comprehend our speech so giving him directions is easy now. This makes parenting easy and hard at the same time. Easy because we can communicate; hard because we can tell when the little someone's deliberately being defiant and disobedient!

The jump in his speech development all happened in the last three weeks, when we had no yaya. It can't be a coincidence, right? Vince is really into reading to our boy, and massaging him while pointing out different body parts--activities they very much enjoy. I'm into pointing out everything in his environment.  Clearly, being with Mama and Papa is a huge stimulation to his developing brain.

My friend Earl is a full-time mommy and Sophia, her daughter who's just 3 weeks older than Vito, can speak in full sentences. As in, "I like this car" and "Thanks for cooking macaroni, Mommy." She's just 17 months old! This has definitely made Vince and me think more about spending quality time with Vito!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Back on the treadmill in 2012!

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

Over at Topaz Horizon, I listed down my New Year's resolutions. I said in a previous post that I was going to exercise come first week of December but... I didn't! Oh well. I have 20 weeks to get fit before D-Day so next week, I'm lacing up the adidas trainers I have and will ease myself into a fitness regimen.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Loving life without yaya and maid!

It's been almost 2 weeks since the household help abandoned us and it's been wonderful every single day! Well, we're tired all the time, of course. My face has sprouted several pimples, a sure sign that I'm exhausted. But it's been more than marvelous living life with just Vince and Vito.

There's no drama, no different bodily smells, no pakikisama to do, no stress, no hiding in the bedroom to talk or to make love, no qualms about walking around in undies or no undies, no restrictions. Everything is where they should be, everything is clean and orderly, everything is not broken!

Vito was always sad whenever Vince and I went to the office.
Best of all--and this breaks my heart--Vito is so happy. I've never seen him this happy, and I think it's no coincidence that it's because it's his own mama and papa taking care of him. I've never been guilty about being a working mom. I never had to be--I work just across the street and I have flexible hours. I go to work usually when Vito's asleep so I never felt that he missed me. And I guess I never felt that Vince had to be more involved as a father since, well, fathers work all day--that's what they do. So to ask Vince to stay home and be Mr. Mom just never occurred to us. But now, seeing how Vito's all lit up with both his parents taking turns caring for him, oh, I'm seriously rethinking our arrangements.

I don't want to quit my job. Like I said, my job is the best gig because it's so near and my time is my own. So I'm really happy that, in the last two weeks, Vince and I have made adjustments to our schedules so that we can both work and care for Vito and manage the chores. The chores, obviously, are the last priority but even then, visitors to our home are amazed at how clean and tidy our place is (thanks, Mr. O.C. Vince!).

Now, with Papa taking care of him, he's always happy! He doesn't even mind when I have to leave for the office!
I'm so grateful to Vince. He's really taken to the nurturing and caring for Vito so well. For example, he's a more patient teacher than I am. He reads books to Vito, he does play activities with him to refine Vito's motor skills. Me? I'm better at the feeding, bathing, changing diapers part. Funny because I'm the one who used to be a preschool teacher! Vito now has more words in his vocabulary, he's more active, looks more healthy, cries and whines less, and is just so much happier! Best of all, Vito is also now so incredibly close to his Papa. It's now always, "Papa! Papa!" It just warms our hearts.

Life with no yaya has proven to be absolutely wonderful. If I weren't pregnant, we'd go on with this arrangement forever. For the sake of the new baby, however, I need to rest more often, especially since this was a delicate pregnancy and I need to take care of myself and Wiggle more. I'm so exhausted now, I forget to eat and take my prenatal vitamins!

Well, the new yaya starts on January 2. That's exactly 10 days from now. Just thinking about it makes both Vince and I sad. But we figured we'll continue with our current arrangement and just have the yaya as more of maid than yaya--you know, cleaning, washing up, tidying up so we'll do nothing else aside from our work but to be with Vito--then just have her babysit when Vince and I need to go out. Emphasis on need.

But definitely, after seeing the big and wonderful changes in Vito, we're going to spend even more quality time with our boy.
New Year's resolution: More quality time with you, Vito!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Juggling work and home. Whew!

Haven't been able to update because, well, if you'd been following Topaz Horizon, you'd know the household help abandoned us last week and, boy, it's been tough to juggle caring for the baby, the house and the job! But you know what? It can be done! The past few days have been incredibly exhausting but super incredible, too. I will say that I am lucky to have the job I have because my hours are flexible and I get to bring Vito to the office!

Tonight was the office Christmas party, by the way. I wasn't able to go because of my yaya-less situation. I feel a bit bummed--very slightly--because the Christmas parties of Summit Media are insane. Being a media company, we're populated by highly creative, very expressive, super fun lunatics. Some people are decked out in lingerie, some wear costumes like cheerleader outfits, nurses uniforms and all incarnations of Johnny Depp's movie characters. Some guys have attended as women, some women have attended as... well, let's just say their mothers wouldn't have approved! All in all, our parties are fun to attend if only to see what crazy outfits people come up with.

But I haven't gone to a Summit party since 2009. That year I was suffering intense nausea and fatigue as I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. Last year, I didn't go either because I was a new mom and was just overwhelmed and tired. This year, well, I had no one to leave Vito with (I'd have to bring Vince because no way am I going to a party without a car, not with the hellish traffic we've been suffering this season!).

Am I sad to not have gone? Well, a part of me wanted to see all the craziness again (it has been a while!) but a bigger part of me just wanted to cuddle the baby. It's not sourgraping. It's just being a mommy, I guess. I get a lot of crazy from my 16-month-old child all day anyway!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

All I want for Christmas is a big car for my little boy

I've blogged about the silly stuff I want for Christmas over at Topaz Horizon. And I figured that I can buy myself a few items on that list, like the dress, the curling iron, or the nail polish. That should cost me around 4K thereabouts. But something happened this week that made me change my mind.

Vito discovered cars.

Vito knows about cars for a while now. He loves riding in his Papa's Zoom Zoom. He shrieks, "Cars!!!" every time we're on the road. He loves watching his Papa play Gran Turismo. He loves his Hot Wheels cars (that are supposed to be for 3-year-old kids). He loves cars!

But when we went to the supermarket one time and we put him in a toy car/cart, well, that just blew Vito's mind away.

He was soooo happy! He honked that horn. He said, "Vrrrrroooooooooom!!!" He wanted us to go faster. He kept turning the steering wheel, the key in the ignition. He. Loved. It.

So I've been staring at these for days now.

The Little Tikes Mobile is a kinda stroller, kinda car. I can push him around (the boy who hated strollers!), which is a relief since, with my burgeoning belly, I can't carry him around anymore. It's soooo cute! But it's P7,000! There's a deal at Deal Grocer right now--the mobile is now at P4,900. What do you think?!

Then there's this: The Cozy Coupe, also from Little Tikes. This one I'm really liking because it's very similar to the shopping cart car that Vito loved. This can also be pushed around. What makes this better than the Mobile is this can eventually be a real toy. Take out the floor of the car and Vito can push himself around with his feet a la Fred Flintstone! Now this coupe costs P7,999. Ouch. But, again, at Deal Grocer, there's a deal that offers it for just P4,999. That's P3,000 in savings! What do you think??!!

Sigh. Just so you know, I'm not the kind of mom who shops a lot for her kid. I haven't needed to! So many people give gifts and clothes to my son so I've spent the last year just getting him food and diapers. Recently, the shopping's been all about his shoes since Vito's feet grow so fast. Toys? He's happier with remote controls, paper bags and his Papa's gadgets. So I've never actually spent on him. Which is why my husband says we should pull out all the stops this Christmas and waste some money on our boy!

So which should is be? This isn't a sponsored post, by the way. Neither Little Tikes nor Deal Grocer is paying for this post (although I do believe they'll enjoy the mileage) so I hope they don't mind that I grabbed their photos. I'm definitely going to buy anyway, I just haven't decided on which, but I will buy. I have no choice really. I mean, just look at the rapture on my little boy's face!

What mother can resist that?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free the fishie!

This boy, oh, he just killed me! He's sooooo adorable!

"He's beautiful!" Aww, sweet baby, that you are, that you are indeed. Thanks for making my day!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My little sprout in a Green Sproutlets outfit!

Vito attracts all kinds of good will. Just last week, his Tita Michelle of My Mom-Friday gave him this fabulous set of new clothes from Green Sproutlets:
Heed my wise words.
Green Sproutlets is an organic clothing line from the US of A. The fabric is made from either bamboo, soy, hemp or organic cotton. These are all biodegradable, soft-to-the-skin, durable products you and your babies will love.

I'm so cool and comfy!
I like the clothes for all those reasons but my number one reason? My Vito looks oh so adorable in them! Plus, he seems to like how comfy it is.

I like how it makes my cute little butt cuter!
Hollywood's most fashionable tots agree. Green Sproutlets has been spotted on Violet Affleck, the eldest daughter of movie stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Obviously, since I'm the editor of OK! magazine, the country's first and only Hollywood title, I love that my little star is wearing celebrity-approved clothes!

Ah, I love my Green Sproutlets outfit!

Thanks, Michelle! You're so nice to my Vito. You and Paola and Rone are such doting titas to my boy. God bless your beautiful souls!

For more information on Green Sproutlets, check their Facebook page.
If you want to shop for your little ones, check out Mothering Earthlings.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

IQ Air for fresh, clean air for your home

Because we live in a condo near EDSA, my father-in-law gave Vince and me an air purifier when we got married. When I got pregnant with Vito, my Papa gave us an extra air purifier and ozonizer so that the air in our home will be even cleaner. Our folks are really concerned about the air we breathe because I have asthma and Vince has allergic rhinitis. And our not-so-little baby boy may have the allergy gene so the lolos and lola were insistent on clean air. So far, so good--Vince, Vito and I haven't suffered any allergy attacks!

If you also live in the city (or you may live in the province but there's lots of allergens in the air like pollen), the IQ Air system may just be the air purifier your family needs. Mothercare sent me a press kit explaining this advanced air cleaning system from Switzerland, and it listed illnesses we can get from air that's polluted or have allergens, bacteria, chemicals and strong odors:
  • allergic reactions
  • eye infections
  • irritations of the nose and throat
  • bronchitis
  • pneumonia
  • headaches and nausea
  • breathing difficulties
  • asthma attacks
  • skin reactions (i.e. eczema)

Clearly a matter to take seriously by parents everywhere! Yes, not just city-dwellers. I grew up in the hills of Antipolo, when it was still rice fields and mango trees. The freshest air you could breathe! We chased dragonflies and fireflies in the fields, caught mudfish in the creek, climbed trees and ate duhat and alatiris and kaimito nestled in the branches... and yet my asthma was so bad. I always thought I'd die in my teens! I had asthma every night during the rainy season, woke up to swollen eyes and a runny nose, I had eczema on my fingers and feet. My allergies were wild! I was so miserable.

Now that I'm older and aware that my condition could've been prevented, managed and improved by simple allergy medication and filtered air, I'm vigilant about preventing allergies in my home. If you have the same philosophy, do invest in the IQ Air! More from the press kit:
IQ Air’s Health Pro 150 Air Cleaner (Php 71,095.00) and the Health Pro 250 Air Cleaner (Php 79,695.00) are now available in selected Mothercare stores.

IQ Air systems feature the most reliable and efficient air cleaning technologies against indoor pollutants targeting the following:
  • Pollen, spores, dust mite allergens, and other particular matter – the can trigger hay fever, asthma, and other allergic reactions. Even short-term exposure to elevated concentrations of fine particles can significantly contribute to hearth disease.
  • Microorganisms - such as viruses, bacteria and fungal spores are responsible for various infections like tuberculosis, influenza, aspergillosis, MRSA and SARS.
  • Pet allergens (dander) – mainly found in salvia and therefore on hair and skin of pets. When the allergens are inhaled, they can lead to serious allergic reactions.
  • Tobacco Smoke – contains thousands of chemicals and particles which can irritate the mucous membranes and lead to acute and chronic diseases.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – are gaseous chemicals emitted from vehicles, industry and building materials. They can be carcinogenic and cause damage to internal organs.
  • Smog and Ozone – can cause irritation of the respiratory tract even at low concentrations and can trigger asthma attacks. While these pollutants are mainly generated outdoors, they enter buildings via doors, windows and ventilation systems.
  • Cleaning products, sprays and solvents – can irritate the mucous membranes and aggravate allergies such as asthma and hay fever.
  • Paints, varnishes, and adhesives – can contain a multitude of harmful substances. Inhaling the vapors can lead to headache, nausea, and allergic reactions. Long-term exposure can lead to chronic diseases.
Depending on your specific air quality needs, take your pick from the following filters: Pre-max Filter (Php 5,295.00) controls coarse & fine dust particles. The V5 Cell Filter (Php 8,795.00) controls a broad range of chemical pollutants & odors. The Pre-Max MG Filter (Php 8,795.00) is a combination of the Pre-max & the V5 which controls coarse & fine dust particles, as well as chemical pollutants and odors. The HyperHepa Filter (Php 14,995.00), which is used by hospitals, controls fine particles, allergens, bacteria, viruses and mould spores.

IQ Air is available at Mothercare branches in Greenbelt 5, Shangri-la Plaza, Robinsons Galleria and TriNoMa.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Second pregnancy update (because there's been hardly any updates and here's why)

Unlike with my first, I've not been as open about sharing my second pregnancy experience. I know why and I also don't know why! That will make sense (I think) in a bit.

When I got pregnant with Vito, it was such a surprise, so overwhelming (I wasn't ready to be a mommy despite my three-year marriage), so new, so scary, that I just had to share the journey. I had no qualms about opening up about how I felt. The only time I paused from the sharing was when I was about to give birth and I felt that I didn't want to share photos of Vito. Vince said that since so many people were sharing the journey with us and have been so kind and generous, the least we could do was share our new baby boy. And you loved him and embraced him when we did. Thank you!

Now Wiggle. With this second pregnancy, I felt a need to keep quiet from the very start. I don't know why! Every time I wanted to announce the pregnancy or blog about it, something stops me. I was telling Vince, who was wondering why I'm like this, "I just feel like I want to keep this baby to myself." What I couldn't actually say was "You'll never believe me but the baby seems to be telling me that it doesn't want to have a public life."

Did that sound crazy or what?!

It sounds crazy. But I'm not crazy. Or am I? It's weirding me out actually.

Well there. I hope I'm wrong (I was wrong about my feeling that Vito was going to be a serious baby, for example). I want to share my Wiggle with you because you love my family. And I'm sure you'll love Wiggle, too. Maybe I'll feel different tomorrow or next week or when I'm waddling or when I give birth. But for now, the new baby wants to be, er, left alone.

Did you ever feel this way? Or did you always feel that every pregnancy update should be shouted from the rooftops? Did you ever want to keep it a secret (and I don't mean that kind of secret!)? This is so strange!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My mommy group exercises

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

Where I live, there's a group of mommies who became friends just because their kids hang out together. Those would be the moms of Enzo (Trisha), Alfonso (Claire), Justin (Dada), Sophia (Earl), Ezekiel (Ma-an), Nikolai (Kathy), and Vito (me!). Everyone's involved in some sort of fitness regimen--yoga, Pilates, running, Plana Forma. Well, everyone except me since I was ordered to go on bed rest. But now that I am 16 weeks pregnant, I'm ready to ease myself into... I don't know yet!

But since Claire is so fit because she's running marathons and my own hubby is so healthy now that he's also taken up running, I'm thinking of hopping on the treadmill, too! These running shoes that adidas emailed me are encouraging me towards that direction:


Friday, November 25, 2011

Big bad bullies in the playground

Last weekend, while Vito and I were at the playground, I witnessed a most shocking thing: a group of boys, 7- or 8-years-old, started bullying a little girl. One girl vs a group of boys. They started by calling her, "Black devil!" The girl, also 7 or 8, is Iranian.

I live in a complex where the foreigners seem to outnumber the locals. There are Americans (whites and blacks), Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Iranians, and a lot of other races--I just figure it out when they open their mouths and talk. Quite a few celebrities are my neighbors, too. Anyway, I guess with the mix of many races in one place, racism was bound to happen.

At first, the Iranian girl (I know her name but I won't say it) sat quietly on her bike, trying to ignore the boys. But when one of them pushed her off the bike and another shouted, "Go away, black devil!" to her face, the girl grabbed her shoe and smacked the sole right at her tormentor's ear. The boys went wild with fury. The girl ran away but then realized she had left behind her bike so she hesitated at the edge of the playground.

The boys took their water guns (those huge things that shoot out long jets of water), went to the pool and filled them up. One of the boys was told to guard the bike. All the while, they were talking about "getting her." As the boys were at the pool, three Korean boys were edging around the bike. Then the other boys came back, shouting insults and brandishing their water guns. They chased the girl off. Meanwhile, the Korean boys got the bike and started following the group of howling boys.

I followed, too. I had had enough. I stayed out of it because, well, I honestly didn't know what to do! But the boys had guns now, water guns yes, but they didn't just mean to hurt with words now; they were intent on doing violence. I grabbed Vito and chased after them. Just in time. I caught them circling the girl. She was already wet and cowering. My blood is still boiling now!

I gave those boys a tongue-lashing alright. I told them to stop. I told them to put away those guns. I looked at them one by one, called their names, and said, "You have sisters! What did your parents tell you about treating girls? You're supposed to treat girls right. You're supposed to protect them!" I told them they ought to be ashamed of themselves, that they should play fair, that they should treat everyone--whatever skin color or gender--right. Then I told them to go home. And they ran away.

The Korean boys came up to me and said, "We were going to keep her bike safe and return it to her." And I thanked them but I also added that if they see something wrong, they should step right in and stop it. Then the girl got her bike and she was crying non-stop now. I told her, "Please don't let anyone ever treat you like this. You always have to fight back!" But she just looked at me, forlorn, and said, "Nothing's going to change. It will always be like this."

In the elevator, as Vito and I went home, I cried. I was so upset and angry and sad. Upset because those boys, I know those boys! They used to be sweet little things like my Vito. They used to play with my rabbit, Galady. I guess I was upset because I was scared Vito might become like them one day.

I was also angry at the injustice done to that girl and sad that she just accepted it. I was sad that these horrible things start at such a young age. I know bullying happens, not just now but since time immemorial. I was bullied, too. But how do you teach your child not to be a bully? How do you teach him to stand up to bullies?

Even though he's only a year old, I had to explain what happened to Vito. After all, he was there the entire time, watching the whole horror, watching me scolding those boys in a voice he's never heard me use before. I told my son that night, "Vito, the world isn't always a happy place. There are a lot of wrongs out there. I will always hope that you will always know and do what is right. I want you to never turn away from these wrongs. If you see injustice, you must always do your best to stop it." And my little boy looked at me gravely. I like to think he understood.

Monday, November 21, 2011

About push presents

Over at Topaz Horizon, I talked about how it would be nice to receive diamonds as a push present for our second baby. I got comments wondering what that was all about and if I invented the concept. Nope, I didn't invent it--it's most likely the brainchild of some jewelry company, the way they decreed diamonds are forever. (Wiki says the jewelry industry didn't invent it.)

A push present (or baby bauble) is a gift someone, usually the father of your child, gives you when you give birth. It's a present meant for the mother, to congratulate her. Usually, you see, from the moment a woman becomes pregnant, everything revolves around the child--ask any mom! So a push present says, "Your life will be devoted to your child now but here's me spoiling you."

It's not a required gift, it's not a tradition, it's not important. But some hubbies and some parents and some friends are usually so overwhelmed with happiness and love for you that they can't help themselves.

Vince gave me a topaz ring. It was both a push present and a birthday gift. He said he hadn't been planning on giving me anything but when he saw me give birth and when he met our baby boy, he fell in love and went and bought me a bauble. Now every time we see my ring, we think of Vito.

A push present is usually a piece of jewelry. Most of the time, it's a ring with the birthstone of the child, and so with every birth, the mother can stack the rings on one finger (mine was my birthstone, though). Some get a necklace and you just add a pendant of the child's birthstone and so on and so forth. Sometimes it's a charm bracelet and you add a charm to symbolize each child. Some get watches or earrings.

Here are some nice gift ideas I saw while window shopping online:
Sterling birthstone stacking rings

Framed stacking rings

Hand-stamped mother+children necklace

Personalized milestones necklace

Charm bracelet

These would make any mommy happy--if not as a push present but for birthdays and especially for Mother's Day (another invented and commercialized holiday!).

Now, push presents need not be jewelry. It can be flowers or chocolates. has a good list that includes a rocking chair and a family vacation. Some women who weren't allowed to eat certain foods while pregnant get bottles of champagne or baskets of sweets (gestational diabetes sufferers!). These are usually push presents from friends, who must've missed drinking parties with you or suffered nine months of you whining about how you can't eat this and that. Some parents and in-laws are also so proud of you for giving birth that they give gifts. I know someone with really rich in-laws and she got a Jaguar for giving birth to her daughter and BMWs for each son! Wow!

But I personally don't believe that women should expect a push present. Remember that it's a gift so it should be freely given and graciously accepted, whether it's a box of chocolates or a new car. Do I think push presents are excessive? Nope. Like I said, it's a gift. If someone wants to give you something because you made them happy, well, then what ya complaining about? A lot of women feel push presents are silly and financially stupid but, hey, each family's financial situation is different so if someone can afford to give jewelry and cars, the rest of us who get flowers or nothing at all shouldn't feel so bad. We got a baby after all!

I'm happy my husband gave me my ring. I wear it every day! But to be very very honest, what I appreciated more than any material gift was when Vince, on his own, decided to take an entire month's leave from work to be with me post-partum. Our stupid labor laws only allow seven days of paternity leave but Vince was with me for a whole month! It must be because I suffered post-partum depression and he genuinely couldn't bear to leave his son. So that lovely month-long treat was the best push present ever. Thanks, Vince!

I do tease him about what he'll get me for the second baby (I have a sneaky suspicion that if it's a girl, he'll give me the sun, the moon, the stars!) but I know that he knows it doesn't matter to me. The new baby trumps all gifts!

How about you, mommy? Did you get a push present?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Can't wait to exercise!

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

I forgot to tell you all that my subchorionic hemorrhage (SCH) is gone! I found out right before my birthday 2 weeks ago so that was the best birthday gift ever! Thank you for all your prayers, dear online friends!

So now that I am officially off bed rest, the first thing I wanted to do was get some exercise. Especially when I saw the workout gear adidas emailed me, which I'll be showing you throughout this post!

Why do I want to exercise? Well, I feel really yucky. Being told to lie in bed all day for about 10 weeks may sound like a dream but when you're actually there, it feels like a prison. With nothing to do all day, I've just been getting bored. So I watch TV, eat and sleep all day. The result: an all-around feeling of sluggishness and exhaustion. Yes, lying around all day is exhausting!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Proud mama! Vito is developmentally advanced!

At Vito's 15th month check-up, his pedia, Dr. Cricket Chen, said that my little boy is developmentally advanced. His motor skills are those of an 18-month-old, his social skills and emotional development are those of a 2-year-old, and his language--for a boy--is pretty good.

Apparently, at 15 months old, girls can talk a mile a minute. Boys, on the other hand, can say an average of five or six words. Vito can say Mama, Papa, bye-bye, hi, ball, doggie, car, more, no more, dede, baby, Teeda (that's our rabbit, Matilda), baby, t*t* (yes, as in his penis) and... Hmm, he can say a few more but the words escape me right now. That's 13 or so words. As Dr. Cricket said, "His language is very good!"

He loves to point out cars and shriek, "Car!!!" or go, "Vrooooom!", making traffic jams loads more tolerable, even fun. He loves to entertain us with his silly faces and energetic dances, which must be performed on tabletops, of course! He expects applause and nothing less. He can be told to fetch things, which he does happily, but there are times he's been disobedient. Once, he even lied. Lied! He's got a bad temper, a strong personality, a very determined will and a very focused single-mindedness.
One of my naughty faces.
Well, no surprise there. His parents are the same. Our own parents proclaim Vince and I are not exactly the most behaved, most obedient or the easiest children. And now, look what we have here--a mini-us! Funnily enough, Vito's tantrums (which Dr. Cricket says is typical of a 2-year-old, not a 15-month-old) don't work on me. I've had tons of practice with my own tantrums, with Vince's tantrums, with former bosses' tantrums and with other kids' tantrums (I used to be a preschool teacher). So when Vito throws himself on the floor in a screaming fit, I just get very amused.

Well there! I'm bursting with pride! I am, however, fully aware that a developmentally advanced baby doesn't mean a lot in the long run. For example, I started walking when I was 10 months old. I was a physically strong baby, climbing and running so much so that my grandfather tied me to my crib. But am I an athlete now? I can't even climb a flight of stairs without panting. I can't even walk fast. Run? Ha!

On my favorite perch, the glass table
So I know Vito's leaps and bounds in the milestones department may mean nothing in the future. But for now, I am oh so proud! So incredibly proud. And looking at my wonderful boy, I allow myself to dream such very big dreams.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Behind-the-scenes of a mommy fashion shoot

... is a little boy trying to join in on the fun!

This was a little shoot Vince and I did for my sponsored fashion post for Mango. The task was to create looks using the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. From top to toe. Since I am pregnant (and I am bigger now compared to my first pregnancy), I had a hard time choosing clothes that will flatter my oddly shaped body. But, of course, it was a success!
To see the photos, click here!

Someone commented that she never realized Mango sold maternity clothes. Mango doesn't. It is I who refuse to buy maternity clothes! Longtime readers of this mommy blog know from my first pregnancy how I absolutely abhorred the maternity fashion out there. So what I did was buy regular non-preggy clothes but in a larger size.

In my favorite Kamiseta plaid summer dress.
I was just about to give birth to Vito!

It can be done, folks. I only have 2 maternity dresses from Gingersnaps. I survived on clothes from Karimadon, Tango, Kamiseta and Warehouse and not once did I look frumpy (except when I was at home!). Fellow preggy mommas, a stylish pregnancy is absolutely possible! Let's not give up on style. It's harder, yes, but people have to see how gorgeous we look if only to stop them from saying stuff like, "You must be having a boy because you look ugly/tired/terrible."

Share with me your fashionable finds, too! I'm lazy to shop for this second pregnancy but I don't want to repeat clothes from the first one. Why? Well, so I can tell the difference! So I ought to shop. But feeling very lazy. So please inspire me!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Vito's first official Halloween!

Actually, the first one was October 2010, but last year, Vito was just nearly 3 months old and Vince and I were in a very sour mood because our finances were drained to almost zero because of someone else's medical emergencies. So this year, to compensate, we decided that Vito has to have a great Halloween!

Thank goodness his friend Justin had a birthday party!
Hi! I'm Tigger. That's because I was born in the year of the Tiger. No, we're not Chinese. 
Here is my barkada: Enzo as a policeman, Alfonso as an Angry Bird and Sophia as a fairy.
Mama kept saying Enzo had the best costume.
Isn't MY costume cute? Mama even voted for Enzo, not for me! Why?!
It's a good thing they had iced candy. It made me feel lots better.

We all had to join the costume contest. I won!
I still can't believe Mama voted for another boy.
And here's the rest of the crazy crowd! Justin is Woody and the blond princess is Masha.

The little guy won two costume contests. The second one was the day after this so we just dusted off his Tigger costume and sent him off. He came back with tons of candy and strutting about while yaya said Vito walked onstage all by himself (I had to stay home because I'm on bed rest). His Papa and I are very proud. And after the second time he brought home his prize, we have a better understanding of that horrific show Toddlers and Tiaras!

How about you? Hope you can share your kids' costumes, too! Leave a link so I can check them out! Happy Halloween!