Monday, January 31, 2011

Good old Sesame Street tunes

I watched Baby Beethoven yesterday and I'm not very impressed. Looks to me like Chuck's Intersect program on slow mo--just disconnected images with no rhyme or reason! Then again, a lot of parents swear by the Baby Einstein DVDs so I won't say the videos are useless.

I'd go with Sesame Street, though. I'm the proof that that educational show works. Me and the Third World Nerd! I really truly believe Sesame Street's songs, skits and educational tools help a child understand the world around him, to make connections and to be smarter. So I looked up some of my favorite Sesame Street tunes and got all nostalgic!

The Lonely n Song

The Alligator King

The Ladybug Picnic

Manila Mommy said that there's a new version! What do you think of the new one?

Ohhh, I want my Vito to watch Sesame Street! Vince, can we buy him a whole set please? I know you hate strongly dislike Elmo so we can just buy the classic videos! How about you? What are your favorite Sesame Street videos?


  1. I forgot what particular videos I like but I fondly remember us siblings watching Sesame Street and Batibot :) I would want Y to watch educational videos but I don't know which one to let her watch and how early. I'm still on the fence on letting my baby watch TV or not. How about you?

  2. Hi Frances! Am also a huge fan of Sesame Street and got most of the videos for my kids. Hate Barney wth a passion though and never subscribed to the baby einstein phenomenon. After reading the book "Brain Rules for Baby" am glad i didn't. Because all those claims those videos make about making your baby smarter? No scientific basis. I highly recommend the book for all parents. I've had three and still learned something. Thanks for posting these clips, they're my faves too!

  3. sesame street is my favorite, i watch it 2x a day and even if they are some replays, i still watch favorite is the song of cookie monster... "C is for cookie that's good enough for me ..." and i like rubber ducky too... and so many others to mention and also when count dracula counts and there is lightning and thunder..

  4. I feel the same way about Sesame Street. But I think we learned so much from it because there weren't any 24 hour cartoon channels. Today kids can choose from several shows to watch, any time of time.

    Have to say that when my boys were below 2 years, Baby Einstein DVDs were the best baby sitters.

  5. I grew up watching Sesame Street too. Because of this, I'm more comfortable communicating in English than in Filipino/Tagalog.

    Will you be introducing Vito to the likes of "Batibot" or do you plan to let him grow up in a mostly-English speaking environment?

  6. Apples, I have nothing against TV! It's a good educational tool naman. We'll just supervise what and when he watches.

    Menchie, hey! Long time no visit ka dito. Nice to see you again =) Sige, I will check out that book!

    Jet R, believe it or not, Tagalog kong kausapin si Vito! I mean, I speak English, too, but we're Pinoys so Tagalog is the main language in the house. I also asked the yaya to talk to him in Cebuano. More languages he knows, the better!

  7. Oh I'm a regular here. :D decided it was time to delurk.

  8. I absolutely LOVE Sesame Street! I wish this generation still had them :(

    The kiddie shows now are a bit more complicated. You can hear kids speak Spanish because of Dora the explorer -- grabe lang noh.

    Also the toys! One of the toys that my daughter got from one of her godparents is a baby einstein star that speaks in English, Spanish, and French. Whoa lang diba?

    Basta I think Sesame Street is the best educational show. That goes in line with my belief that Lego is one of the best toys for kids (not for babies siguro because of the choking hazard haha).

  9. P, this world is too complicated na nga. Sometimes, I feel bad for Vito. It's a harsh world he's going to grow up in =(

  10. We actually got the first episodes of Sesame Street, still amazing to watch with all the 70s jazzy and hippie songs. We even got the first episodes of The Muppet Show. (Remember manna manna?) It's so hilarious, my kids do great Waldorf and Statler impressions :D This of course means that Fraggle Rock also made it to our shelves, to complete the original muppet experience.

  11. I want Sesame Street for Vito, too! And Fraggle Rock, of course. I sometimes watch it on YouTube!


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