Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miranda Kerr and baby boy are SO CUTE!

image source and story here
Sigh. Just looking at this photo and I'm brought back to the early weeks of Vito's birth. His amazing newborn scent, his teeny tininess, the awful pain and sweet intimacy of breastfeeding, the horrible way I looked...

Miranda looks fabulous! But her eye bags say that she's a new mommy indeed. Her eye bags and her happy glow. Ah, new baby love--such pain, such joy. Congratulations to the new parents!


  1. I also miss those bonding-breastfeeding moments...but i'm also glad i'm done with that stage! LOL!

  2. Mom-Friday, yes, I love breastfeeding Vito but, at the same time, I am looking forward to the day he stops!

    Apple, yes! I wish I had nice breastfeeding pics. I always look so panget when I'm at home!

  3. I wish I could look as gorgeous when I get to breastfeed my own kid. :P (Vain much?)

  4. Beautiful picture! I like that she has eyebags, makes it real. The enw born stage was so difficult, good think I was drunk with love and managed to live like a zombie for 3 months.

  5. Dr. Kelly, it isn't vanity to want to look good whatever you do! =)

    Rone, yeah, my photos during that time were just beyond ugly haha


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