Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Treats for the breastfeeding mommy!

Let me first tell you about Paola Marie Noelle Loot. A few months ago, she left a comment on my blog's Facebook wall. She said that when she was at St. Luke's Global City last August, her fetal monitor printed out her record but it was my name on the therma paper. As you know, I gave birth in August and it so happened that Paola, who reads this mommy blog, was the next one who occupied the (over sa grabeng expensive!) high-risk pregnancy unit a.k.a. the mommy waiting room.

And that was the start of a beautiful friendship! Over the months, there have been messages exchanged over email, Facebook and text, and gifts (mostly from her because she has the most generous soul!). Paola is the mommy of the most beautiful girl, Sjofn, and we talk about our children, born a few days apart, and we dream dreams and hope hopes together. It's really quite lovely. Paola, thank you. Your friendship is quite a treat!

Speaking of treats, Paola made me her guinea pig for her lactation cookies. I got a bag of oatmeal cookies, some filled with raisins, others with chocolate chips, others with white chocolates. But these were no ordinary cookies! Each cookie was packed with the galactagogue fenugreek, Omega 3-rich flaxseed and Vitamin B powerhouse Brewer's Yeast. Here was my review:
LOOKS yummy! And I love how they're all packed with raisin/choco chips. Hindi siya tinipid!
SMELLS heavenly! I love that fragrance wafting up when I tear open the plastic!
TASTES great! I love the texture--it's chewy, not crumbly; moist, not oily. 

After two days of munching on her cookies (she sent me enough for 5 days), I noticed that my milk became creamy and the supply increased. You see, my breast milk is a bit watery, like coconut water, and as for supply, I can usually express about 3-4 oz. After Paola's cookies, I was able to express 5-6 oz of breast milk!

If you have a very sensitive tongue, you may be able to taste a slight bitterness. Paola said it's the Brewer's Yeast. It's not unpleasant, just a bit unusual, but you'll soon get over it especially since you know it's caused by that special nutritious ingredient.

So if you want lactation cookies from Paola, go to her Multiply site, Mommy Treats!

P.S. I ate 6 cookies a day. My favorites are the raisins and white choco chip. Yum!


  1. I'm not a mom but these sure look good!! yum!!!

  2. I should try these! :) Frances, I have a question, I hope it's ok. Did you got your period back na ba? I got my period back 2 months after I gave birth (CS ako). My milk supply drastically drops like 5 days to a week before I get my period. Like normally, I express 4 to 5oz per session, pero pag malapit na dumating, it's down to 1 to 2oz lang. I get worried baka hindi magkasya as I work also and leave the baby at home. I already asked my lactation consultant but it's different kasi to hear from a fellow mom.

    Thanks! Sorry for the long comment.

  3. Hi Appledumplings! Yep, I got my period just last month. So that's 4 and a half months after giving birth. I haven't noticed anything about my milk supply and the period. But there are days when I'm stressed that low supply talaga ako =( Baka you get stressed pag malapit na period mo.


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