Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vito's baptism, Part 1

Vito was finally baptized on January 9. It was a few days shy of his 5th month birthday. We wanted it to be very intimate (just immediate family) and have a delicious lunch reception.
This was Vito's invitation that I sent over Facebook. Photo by Stork Studio.
The baptism was held on a sunny Sunday morning. We wanted a private baptism so we booked a small chapel at Christ the King Greenmeadows all to ourselves. It was indeed a small chapel, but with just our families present, the place felt quite spacious!

Let Vito tell you all about his day:
I just had one pair of godparents, Auntie Lizelle and Tito Ted. Tito Ted wasn't able to make it so Uncle Phil filled in.
I kept smiling at the priest. Charmed, Fr. Ed had to pause and say, "He's a very happy baby!" Yes, I am!
I like baths a lot so I didn't cry at all when this happened.
With Mama's papa, Lolo Jules
With Lolo Jules, and Papa's super nice parents, Lola Digna and Lolo Mon
With all my cousins, except Joe and Tom, who followed at the reception later
With the Amper family. Tito Ted and Tita Rose also followed at the reception.
With the Sales family. Uncle Joben and Uncle Lit followed later.
The reception in next post!


  1. Welcome to the Christian world, Vito! :)

  2. Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Vito! Can't wait to see you in person!

  3. Thanks, Tita Tee and Tita Shen! Hope to see you soon, too =)


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