Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vito's baptism, Part 2

So Vito was finally baptized. The lunch reception followed at Cafe 1771. I chose that place because it looks so much like my own house! I wanted everyone to feel at home. But because my apartment was too small and not equipped for parties and children, we really had to do the lunch somewhere else. Cafe 1771, with its cozy interiors and book-lined walls, was perfect.

Let Vito tell you all about it:
There's Papa, Joe and Uncle Joben
Looking at camera are Mama, Lola Digna, Joe and Uncle Joben
My most generous and kind grandparents,
Lola Digna and Lolo Mon
Cafe 1771 really looks like a nicer version of my house!
Uncle Lit, Zo, Elizabeth and Kevin. They're funny!
Sean, Joe, Auntie Reza, Uncle Phil and Auntie Anj.
They gave me really nice gifts!
Elizabeth, Lolo Mon and Kevin. I wanted to eat E's fries.
Mama, Tito Migs, Yvonne, Nicole, Rachel and Tita Jacqui
The buffet: cream of tomato soup, caesar salad, fragrant rice,
coffee pie squares and lemon squares...
... seabream aglia oglio, orange pork spare ribs, Spanish
paprika chicken and steamed vegetables. Very tasty!
Yes, I tasted them in liquid form from Mama's milk!
Guess what we gave away? Jelly beans!
Every guest took home a box of jelly beans. 
Outfit post: Enfant cap, Big & Small polo, Signature plaid shorts
And that was Vito's first party! Very small, very intimate, very simple, very elegant. Just the way his parents like it!


  1. Welcome to the Christian World, baby Vito! =)You had a very nice, intimate party!

  2. happy christening vito!

  3. this is definitely a party you'd be proud of, Vito! :) You're super handsome!!

  4. Welcome to God's happy kingdom, little Vito!

    *Mommy Frances: Btw, I hope you don't mind, I added you to my blogroll. Thanks for adding me, too!

  5. Vito is super cute... Happy Christening! The caption about him tasting the food through your milk is funny...

  6. What a beautiful baptism!

    Beautiful son (I wanna eat him!),
    Beautiful parents (the dress is great F!),
    Beautiful family,
    Beautiful ceremony,
    And beautiful reception!

    Great planning mommy Frances :) Vito's christening was beautifully celebrated :) I love intimate parties. You can easily feel the love in the air. :)

  7. Hi Mommy Frances! Great reception venue! Do you mind telling me how much you spent?? Pati sa ceremony, did you get the solo baptism or the communal one?

    1. We spent maybe 50K on the reception at Cafe 1771. That's for 24 people. For the baptismal ceremony, I don't remember. We got the solo baptism because my family doesn't like crowds so I think mga 3K? 5K? Basta hindi siya mahal =)


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