Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vito starts solid food tomorrow!

In a few hours, my darling Vito will be 6 months old. Time to start solid food!

We waited till he turned 6 months because Vince and I have a history of allergies. Vince has allergic rhinitis and I have asthma. That's why I was adamant to breastfeed our boy because breast milk protects children from allergies. When Vito developed atopic dermatitis when he was around 4 months old, that really made me sad, but not surprised. It's a good thing I'm breastfeeding him because, with just a few lifestyle adjustments (change bedsteads more often, boil his bath water, use virgin coconut oil-based moisturizer), Vito is now as smooth as silk again!

Anyway, so tomorrow we start on rice. I'm making his first batch of rice cereal. Ate Marita had a kilo of rice ground up and tomorrow I'll cook it. Here's the recipe I got from BabyFood101:

1/4 cup rice powder
1 cup water
Bring water to boil in saucepan. Add rice powder, stirring constantly. Simmer for 10 minutes, always whisking, while adding breast milk (or formula). Serve warm.

I am SO EXCITED! I'm also a bit sad since this means Vito's diapers won't smell milky sweet anymore. Hello, smelly poo!


  1. My 6 month girl also developed atopic dermatitis at 4 months old. We shifted to Physiogel products (cleanser, AI cream and lotion) and the rashes went away. We had to apply lotion regularly during the day. I guess its easier that way, you don't have to boil his bathwater. =)

  2. Thanks! We're fine with VMV's baby line. And no more boiling bath water.VMV worked wonders. We don't even apply it regulary. Every other day lang.

  3. That's way better. A friend gave us vmv baby lotion but we haven't used it on baby. We'll give it a try, then. Thanks! :)


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