Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vito's first week of solid food a success!

So Vito turned six months last weekend and he's been on rice, potatoes and sayote since. All homemade! Cooking my son's food wasn't as easy as I thought. What could be so difficult with steaming and mashing? Well, it's not difficult at all but it is very time-consuming.

First, I wash, peel and cube the veggies. Then steam till very tender. Then mash with a fork. Then strain so that it's smooth. Then dole onto ice cube trays. Then before feeding, mix with my breastmilk! I cook his food myself because the yaya grumbles that the food needs salt or sugar, or else Vito won't like it.

This week, we'll do carrots and squash. Next week, we start to eat twice a day and mix the veggies. By March, we'll do fruits! It's all so very exciting and it makes my heart swell when I see how Vito enjoys mealtimes. He just gobbles up all his food! Yum!

I just want to point out that I love Vito's Kushies bib. It has a soft t-shirt-like neckline and the bib is soft nylon (at least that's what I think it is!). It's very comfy and protects Vito's onesies from spills. Mine was a gift from Rustan's Mariel Bartolome. So happy with it, Mariel! Will definitely get a couple more!

How about you? What was introducing solid food to your kid like? What are your kid's favorites?


  1. Congrats, Frances! Vito is such a cutie in his chair--nakakagigil!!

    My Vito began with a pretty similar menu, and we introduced new foods every week. He always ate fast, thank God! He's 15 months now, and eats EVERYTHING. However, we don't give him sugar, though on weekends his lolas or titas will sneak in some sweets when I'm not looking (tsk, tsk!)

    His favorites are:
    - baked/steamed fish
    - mashed potatoes w/ spinach
    - mushroom & cream pasta
    - omelet (yolks & veggie puree)
    - oatmeal with bananas and apples
    - sugarless cornflakes & milk

  2. Way to go mommy! looks like Vito loves his first foods :) get ready for the funky poop too hahaha...
    my kids love mashed bananas and my homemade applesauce. and for stage 2 it's Nilagang Baka w/ veggie (puree) with rice.
    Enjoy feeding!

  3. You're welcome Frances! Glad you like his Kushies bib, so happy that he'e enjoying his meal times, not a lot of babies are like that. Keep the tips coming, I'm learning so much from you. Take care and hugs to Vito! =)


  4. hi ms. frances! my children's first go at solid foods was tiring but very fulfilling at the same time. with my second child, i used the munchkin baby food grinder. it beat using a blender, tipid sa kuryente. hehe. enjoy feeding vito! more adventures to come!

  5. Congratulations Vito!! =) Big boy na! =)Parang kelan lang we were just waiting for you to go out of mommy's tummY!

    I was so excited also when anika first ate solid food. She started with rice cereals mixed with formula milk. Then she likes squash, sweet potato and sayote na! But now, I think nagsawa na siya, she eats only rice. As in rice lang, no ulam. I hope this is just a phase! hehe!

    By the way frances, careful pala with feeding vito bananas. Si Anika, konting kain lang super constipated na =c

  6. check out the website is an excellent compilation of foods to feed baby month by month. often checked it out when i ran out of ideas/variety. :)

  7. vito is so adorbs!

    tala was pretty much the same way. she ate everything we gave her. one of her first meals was rice with ground malunggay and sabaw. it was a hit!

  8. Vito's so big na! :) Muhkang enjoy na enjoy cya kumain! :) Y is going to start in 2 weeks. I have to check out Rustan's for Kushies!

    And about the salt or sugar, my lola is insisting to put salt din or boil the veggies in broth. I said next time na lang pag pwede na.

    I'm excited to start solids! Not excited with their poop kasi it will be smelly na daw :(

  9. Yay, so exciting! Bless you for making your own baby food - you are on top of things!

  10. For working moms, blenders or food processors are great help. Saves time. :)

    My baby is now on squash and sweet potato puree. :)

  11. Wow Vito's so big now! I agree with MomFriday, be ready for the funky smelling poop now haha :D Have fun "experimenting" with Vito's foods.

  12. Okay, I just want to say I was the one who got hungry with all your food suggestions!

    Right now, we're done with rice, carrots, sayote, potatoes, papaya and squash. He doesn't like papaya. At all.


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!