Saturday, March 26, 2011

The new Next9 Cloth Diapers!

Since it's Earth Hour tonight, I remembered to write about this product. Now you all know Vito loves cloth diapers. He uses Next9's Tushy Wushy cloth diapers. Now, it's even better! Introducing the new and improved (and renamed) Next9 Cloth Diapers!

This improved version is ADJUSTABLE! So it grows with your baby! I had bought the original version and now that Vito's 7 months old, he can't fit into them anymore. Since a set of three diapers costs P1,000, I was a bit hesitant to buy new sets in medium, then again new sets in large when the time comes. But with this adjustable version, I am relieved and happy!

A lot of mommies have asked me this all important question: How is this cloth diaper better than the ordinary lampin?

Well, here's how it works:
The diaper is shaped to hug your kid's body. Plus, the edges fit snugly around baby's chubby thighs so you can be super sure that there will be no leaks.

The diaper is made of fleece so that it's soft and gentle on your baby's skin. There is a plush absorbent cloth that you insert into the diaper--that's what sucks in all that pee. As for poop, I just scrape it off, pick it up with tissue and flush down the toilet!

Kwento: Vito had diaper rash the first two weeks he was on solid food. That sometimes happens because the urine and poop have changed and can irritate skin. Plus, because his poop's smelly and icky na, I used disposables. But when the rash appeared, back to cloth diapers he went. His rash disappeared in two days!

So I am a firm believer in cloth diapers. I do use disposables but we use them only at night so that Vito can sleep comfortably and when we go out so I won't lose my mind!

For more questions or to buy a set, click here.


  1. wow! the improved version looks way better! hooray for clothe diapers!

  2. We use Tushy Wushies, too, ever since Vito was a newborn. We have the khakis and navy blue ones. :) Love them! We also use the old-fashioned lampin once in a while. Glad to say that Vito's never had diaper rashes!

    So happy that these new ones have come out. We're starting to toilet train when he's 18 months, though, and that's in just eight short weeks!

  3. Hi! In the link you provided they don't show the new cloth diaper version yet. Where else can we purchase this and are there extra inserts available for sale? Thanks!

  4. thanks frances, i'm so glad vito's bumbum loves next9 cloth diapers!! thank you!!

    @notjustminerals -- am so sorry as i'm having problems with my multiply site (and our official site should be undergoing an overhaul soon). please just contact me directly (info@ next9 . org) Qs.


  5. JenCC, thank YOU for Vito's orange diapers!

  6. Hello Ms. Frances,

    I just stumbled in your blog and I so love reading it. Am a new mom too of a 6-month old baby and I'm loving your posts especially about Vito. Thanks for sharing your stories! Will surely follow your blog. I've yet to write my experiences too as a mom.. :)


  7. Hi Simplegal and congratulations on your darling dearest little one. How lucky are we, right? :)

  8. I like that you're practical and honest about using disposables. We need more mom-bloggers like you


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