Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Super baby!

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What's on the menu?
This past month has been amazing! When Vito turned 6 months old (he's 7 now), we began feeding him solid food. And since then, Vito’s development has been nothing short of fantastic! Vito learned to sit up, crawl faster, pull himself up to standing position, lower himself to sitting position, stand on his own without support (wobbly, I admit!), and walk a few steps with just me holding one of his hands!

It’s not just the motor skills; Vito’s been exhibiting many new tricks. He covers our mouth with his hands if he doesn’t want us to talk, he “replies” when we ask him a question, he expresses appreciation when I’m all dolled up, he makes cute facial expressions when he wants something (manipulative kid, I tell ya), and he says, “Mama!” and “Papa!” when he wants me and Vince!
I can crawl really fast!
I can stand with minimal support!
We think it’s the solid food that’s causing all this amazing development. Don’t get me wrong—I believe breast milk is king but it can’t be coincidence that with all the fruits and veggies supplementing my milk, Vito’s body and brain got a super boost.

Now that he’s relying less and less on my milk, I’ve started researching on vitamin supplements for kids. I want to ask my mommy friends: What kiddie multivitamins do you recommend? I want a brain booster actually because more than a fast/strong/tall kid, I want a smart kid. Intelligence really matters to Vince and me because it’s the secret to our success. We’re not the strongest, fastest, tallest, not the most good-looking, the most charming, or most talented. I was even very sickly. But our being smart, well, let me just say we got where we are today because of our brain, not our bodies!
I got Papa's super smart brain!
I got Mama's sorta smart brain!
So I’ve been window shopping for brain boosters. At the drugstore recently, I picked up one of the kiddie vitamins, Nutroplex, and read the label. It has iron, lysine, magnesium and B complex that helps promote growth and mental development. I like that!

Nourishing Vito’s brain is crucial especially in the first five years of life because that’s when the brain starts making those critical connections in language, visual, social, motor—basically every skill! So my task as a mommy is to be a teacher and a source of healthy nourishment. Good food and multivitamins are definitely a must!

P.S. Please don't worry about the large window. It is very heavy and can't be opened easily!


  1. Vito is so kyooot!!! You have the same smile :D

  2. OMG!!! ang galing niya!! :) katuwa naman. :) and he's sooooo pogi!!

  3. I suggest you ask his pedia... :)

  4. Hi Frances, Chesca's doctor recommended to her Growee and Ceelin... well I think Nutroplex is great too! My other mommy friends make their kids drink Nutrilin (not sure if I spelled it right).

  5. Ah, 6-24 months is the BEST!!!!! They are so much fun.

    Honestly I have never given my kids any vitamins or supplements other than Vitamin C. We try to just eat well and they are healthy boys. No lack of appetite in this house.

  6. Vito's so cute with the thudguard! Makes me think to buy one for Y after the bed incident! :) Vito's super active ha! :)

  7. DeBi, I already asked the pedia. She doesn't think vitamins are necessary at all. So I don't give vitamins. I was just wondering about how other moms do it.

    A&D, Thudguard is so expensive. P2,250 tapos pahirapan isuot. But mukha namang effective =)

    Thanks everybody for the tips and for saying Vito's cute!

  8. little frances na si vito!! pogi!!
    i miss reading your blogs!
    i give nathalie, ceelin and tikitiki hahaha :))

  9. Grrr *GIGIL MOMENT* Vito is not just super baby--he's super cuteness!

    Kami kase, we follow a natural approach to healing/diet for Vito, according to our pedia's advice and after reading "Eat Right 4 Your Baby" by Dr. James d'Adamo, about babies and mom's eating for their blood type. The book shows you how to feed your baby for maximum health, cognitive and physical development.

    Vito's now 16 months, very healthy--and tall! He takes Vitamin C, but other than that, he just eats nutritious foods that are "tailor-fit" to his blood type: fish, green leafy veggies, sweet potato, yogurt... ang dami.

  10. Thanks for saying Vito's cute =) and for your nutrition tips!

  11. Hi Frances! Can I just eat Vito? Hehe. He's so cute kasi, nakakagigil! Anyway, our pedia says that vitamins are all the same naman, so I just let Ina eat a balanced meal (she loves fish!). I just give Ina vitamin C.

    Re: Vito being smart, it's in the genes Frances, so I think Vito will be a genius with you and Vince as parents and this is not a suck up ha! Just continually play with him! Have fun with Vito!

  12. I'm with Martine too.. I was giving Naima Vitamin C, etc etc. before but she was sick more often. We switched to ilog maria's Bee propolis plus a healthy diet and she gets sick less often. i have to say, bee propolis rocks!

  13. awwww... vito is such a cutie. :) hey F, maybe you can post videos of vito crawling, laughing and do some of his tricks. I'm sure it'll be a hit!

  14. Wow!!! Great decision! May I know what's the dosage u gave to 6 month Old baby?

    1. I ended up not giving him vitamins. Until now. His pediatrician said Vito's very healthy and has no need for supplements =)


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