Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vito and his love-hate affair with his Thudguard

After Vito fell off our bed, bumped his head on the crib bars and fell on his face while crawling about, I bought Vito a Thudguard helmet.

He's soooooo cute! Problem is it takes a bit of work to get him to wear it. I'm supposed to put it on his head while he's distracted, like when he's playing or eating mebbe (yep, he's actually eating here and, nope, eating isn't dangerous!), but Vito, he ain't fooled by distraction, ya know. Here he is trying to take it off! Tee hee.
But once it's on for a while, he forgets it's there. Hooray! He's worn it to the playground and around the house. It definitely protects his cute little head from bumps. Soooo happy about that!

Anyway, if you want to get a Thudguard, you can check out the Facebook page. I bought Vito's for P2,250. But my friends recently told me I could've gotten it for much less at Momtrepreneur Shop at Shangri-la Mall. I really feel bad about that! I do like it that Thudguard Philippines sends me safety updates and they're very friendly and nice to moi. So... it's oki, it's oki. Vito's safe and happy. That's all that matters!


  1. ang cute cute naman ni vito! :D

  2. very cute and I didn't know about thudguard before. so now i know:) thanks to you Ms. Frances:)

  3. I keep on saying this but Vito is so cute! Lalo na with the Thudguard!

  4. Hehe, ang cute nga ni Vito with his Thudguard pero kaloka ang struggle to put it on!

  5. oooh...Vito looks so cute with his Thudguard. I'm loving his Hello World bib too..:)

  6. You know what, my heart stopped when I heard my daughter fall off the bed. I practically cried for 5 mins straight and replayed the whole thing in my mind. I wanted to get the Thudguard but my hubby is so hard to convince. He thinks my daughter looks funny wearing it. But I think it's cute! Hay. I'm sure he'll think differently if he were there when she fell off the bed.

    Vito is so cute! I want to squeeze himmmmmm

  7. Joan, Hello World is what we always say in the morning! The bib is from mothercare,a gift from my boss =)

    P, I didn't cry! I only cried when they (yaya and baby) left for the playground. Dun, hagulgol! The guilt! The guilt!

  8. Sulit ba? I'm thinking of getting one for my daughter. When my niece was growing up, she bumped her head a lot. Sobrang nakaka-guilty nga lalo na pag ako nagba-baby sit. Buti na lang matigas ulo niya. ;)

    1. Hindi siya sulit. It was made for another climate. I can only use this on my boys when the aircon is on. Otherwise, grabe ang pawis nila! =(


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