Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vito's already so big!

He's already half as tall as I am, methinks. And he's just six months old!

In the last two weeks, he's learned how to pull himself up from sitting to standing, crawl all over our floors, climb over pillows, lower himself from the sofa, decide that he likes sayote and hate papaya, say "mamama" and "papapa."

One funny thing he does is he always gets entertained when we show him his photos. If he looks cute in the pics, he'd smile very widely and make cooing sounds! How vain! Just like his mama and papa! Love that boy to bits!


  1. So big na your Vito! :) Y gets entertained too when I show her her pictures. She talks to the pictures pa. So cute! :)

  2. Aww, he's so big na! I remember when my Vito was six months; how long ago it was, it seems! He's 15 months going on 16 next week. Sometimes I wish he was still tiny, sometimes I can't wait for what he'll do next.

    (I told Vito just now that the baby in the picture is also "Vito." To which he retored "te-to" (Vito), hehe.)

    I'm loving your posts of late! You are looking lovely and fresh; motherhood definitely becomes you! Things have been hectic in my house (as you'll read in my last entry), but looking at your happy pic makes me smile to bits!

  3. Apples & Dumplings, why do they do that, no? I mean, I also like looking at my pictures but I'm already old. Haha. They're so young!

    Martine, awwww! Te-to! Sooo cute!!! I love your Vito, too. I hope you take care of yourself now. Don't get too stressed! I have to keep reminding myself that actually...

  4. Hay, naku, you said it. I had a mani-pedi foot spa today, to ease the tension, then I decided to work in Starbucks cuz the one here in White Plains (where I'm staying with my in-laws, for now) is quiet and has a nice view. Spent lots of time with the bubba, too--every minute counts!

  5. He's so big na!

    Gosh I can't wait for my daughter to start crawling around too but, at the same time, parang I want to keep her from growing too fast. Gosh, how confusing.

    Alam mo, my daughter can't independently sit herself up from the lying down position. I still have to help her sit up. She lifts her head pero she couldn't do it all the way up to a full sit without my help. She hasn't really "crawled" - tipong sort of crawl lang but not really. Do you think she's a little late with her motor skills? I'm a bit sad :( She's 2 weeks younger than Vito. Baka naman she's fat kasi :( She can support herself while seated but she can't sit (let alone, stand!) on her own though. I'm worried that it might be because of her weight.

    Okay, I'm ranting. Sorry! Waah.. must be all the stress from work and feeling like I'm not helping my daughter achieve her developmental goals. :( Kagulo.

    So happy for you and Vito though! You're looking fresh and thinner while Vito's looking bigger and uber gwapo!

  6. Martine, how strange!!! My in-laws live in WP, too! Are we living parallel lives?!

    P, don't worry =) Children develop at their own pace. I started walking when I was 7 months old--I'm not an Olympic marathon athlete now haha. Vince started talking when he was almost 3. He's still talking and talking now haha. No worries, pretty momma!

  7. Paola: Don't worry too much, dear. Frances is right, every child is different. No one is "left behind." Girls also are different from boys in terms of development (Diba in adolescence, girls develop at a different age?). As long as she's healthy, active, and alert, she's fine :) (Don't worry about the fat; my Vito was huge for his age, and it tapers once they get into the toddler years.)

    Frances: No way. Haha. Well, if your hubby is into IT as mine is (My hub is an independent sales consultant for a foreign IT firm), and our in-laws live in the same street, then it'll be even stranger!! Btw, Paola's been to my in-laws place; she dropped off my Mommy Treats while I was staying there!


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