Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vito's date with The Stork Studio

I totally forgot to share with you Vito's first professional photo shoot!

Yes, the baby has his photos taken almost every single day since his birthday (and the hubby's shots are pretty darn good, too!), but last November, when Vito was just 3 months old, Sofia of The Stork Studio very kindly offered to take Vito's first pro photos and here are some of the adorable results:

Sofia, the photos are precious and we love them, especially the ones with his green beanie and the naked shots! Looking at them now, I marvel at how tiny Vito was! Now, at almost 7 months, he's such a big baby, crawling, jumping, "talking", shrieking, laughing, climbing, standing, etc! And these photos just brought me back to those lovely days when he wasn't so... malikot!

To my fellow parents, Stork Studio's studio is in a family home so it's very comfy and quiet there. It really feels like a house (well, it is) and not a cold, sterile place (which studios usually are). Make sure you're on time so baby gets used to the place (we were late because we got lost) and has time to settle down and get happy and comfy and maybe sleepy. Sofia doesn't mind shooting sleeping babies at all.

And if you want to join baby in front of the lens, you can! Here are my boys:

I love these photos. They're love. Thanks, Stork Studio!


  1. what a heartbreaker this baby will be! :)

  2. Thanks, Shen! But, oh no, I don't want him to break anyone's heart! I want him to be a good and gentle man who knows how to treat the ladies right, just like his Papa =)

  3. That second photo just kills me! So adorable!

    He has your smiling eyes.


  4. Wow Ms. F, Vito is sooooo adorable! Who can resist that look in the first shot? Makes me wanna have my own baby boy too! ^^,

  5. Vito is such a cutie! Makes me want to have a baby again. Hehe.

  6. Dea, haha, yes he has my eyes. Everything else is Vince's!

    Maudey and Cheann, go! It's fun to make one =P

  7. So cute! :) Sayang I held back on having Y's newborn photos taken by Sofia. Sabi ko ako na lang. Looking at your pictures, sana tinuloy ko na. And I want a baby boy too! Haha!

  8. Frances, Um...mag-iipon muna uli but yeah, it is really fun! haha!

  9. Yes! I like making babies, whether it results to an actual baby or not! =P

  10. Frances, Vito's so cute!

    Ayan, gusto ko na din tuloy ng baby boy! =))

  11. Go, Fleur! Me naman, baby girl!


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