Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vito's so strong!

Someone's in a hurry to grow up. Here's Vito last Sunday, March 13. That's when he turned 7 months old. Vince and I took him to the playground and, well, there's no stopping our little whirlwind.

He can climb up steps!

He can slide down the slide by himself! (On his tummy, though. He's scared to do it on his butt!)

He can walk up the slide!

After a while, he shook me off and wanted to climb up the slide all by himself.

His pedia, Dr. Cricket Chen, says that Vito is developmentally advanced by 2 months. Apparently, he's not supposed to be doing all these things yet. I'm actually not surprised at this—my mother told me I started walking when I was 7 months old. My Lolo Manong told me I used to climb out of my crib so he tied me to the crib bars with diapers. Hmm, that used to be funny. Anyway! So Vito took after me then.

As a mommy, I'm very proud of course. And yet I don't want him to grow up too fast. He's so active now, I get exhausted just looking at him. Plus, he gets bumps and bruises. Good thing I bought him a Thudguard. It's really helped in the head-bump prevention. The only problem is when Vito falls on his face—good thing he's got fat cheeks!

Oh darling baby boy, please don't be in too much of a hurry! Mama and Papa want you to stay a baby just a wee bit longer!

Speaking of Thudguards, Gen of Thudguard Asia very kindly assured me that I did get Vito's Thudguard for a good price since I bought directly from their online site. Here are the URLs for you, mommies: 
website :

If you don't like shopping online and would rather see and feel the product first, you can go to Momtrepreneur and Rustan's Dept Stores.


  1. Wow, he is really advanced in his motor skills! Vito still looks so pogi even with the Thudguard!

  2. He's sooo cute!!! I love checking out your mommy blog for pictures of your little Vito's adventures. :P

  3. vito is so strong and so active...

  4. Thanks! We just let him loose around the house, I guess that's why he's so active.

  5. He's so advanced nga :) Every time I see Vito's pictures, makes me want to get pregnant na and have a baby boy na! Haha!

  6. Super duper mega like! Superboy! <3

  7. Oh my gosh, that face!! Adorable. They are all so different - my first didn't walk until 17 months, but talked at 10 months - my second was the other way round :).

  8. Apples&Dumplings, me naman, whenever I go to the baby shops and see the cutie girl stuff, I want a girl!

    Parenting Ad Absurdum, correct! And it doesn't really mean anything. I walked at 7 months but I ain't no Olympic athlete now!

  9. What a handsome boy! Takes after the mom ha!


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