Monday, April 4, 2011

Get yourself and a kid TOMS shoes!

Really liking the kiddie collection of TOMS. They're called TINY TOMS. So cool and cute! I can totally see these cuties on my super duper active Vito:

Then there's TINY TOMS for not so tiny feet:

Vince loves his TOMS shoes. He says they're super comfy so I am sure his son will love TOMS, too.

The best thing about TOMS shoes is every pair purchased means a pair for a child in a developing country, too. Now, TOMS shoes are not cheap. I'm guessing the reason why is you're really buying two pairs--one for you and one you donate to some really lucky kid who needs shoes.

Tomorrow, April 5, TOMS is inviting you to know what's it like to have no shoes. There will be an event at Trinoma Open Gardens called the One Day Without Shoes. It will start at 6pm. Do go! I think it's a great cause.

I won't be able to attend, however, since breastfeeding me has to stay close to home. I'll support TOMS by buying Vito shoes instead!

TOMS shoes are available at Nothing But Water, Swim, Trilogy Boutique and selected Shoe Salon outlets. You can also like their Facebook page. If you want to see celebrities who are fans of TOMS, click here!

PR photos courtesy of Virtusio Public Relations

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