Thursday, March 31, 2011

Please help this little girl heal her heart

Twitter's an amazing tool to finding out about what's happening in the world, whether it's the mega-quake that shook Japan or one of many human heartbreaks that can be just as earth-shattering.

Today, I found this little girl, Anika, the girl with the broken heart, and she needs a lot of help for her heart to be fixed. I am haunted by her eyes and the dark circles underneath them. I keep seeing my Vito's eyes and how I never ever want him to be sick. So it breaks my own heart to see this little girl bravely soldiering on with her life, one precious heartbeat at a time, something we all take for granted.

Look at that little bunny! I meant Anika, not the toy =)
I have no idea who this little girl is. All I know is she's beautiful and loved and if that ever happened to my Vito... Oh, I can't bear it. Just the thought squeezes my insides painfully. So I want to help Anika by spreading her story to the world and maybe we can make a difference in her life, even if that means one extra day for hugs and kisses.

I've donated my March PayU2Blog earnings to Anika. I pledge to donate all my PayU2Blog earnings this April, too. That'll be my birthday gift to her since she's turning 4 years old this month. She was born the day before I got married. That month was one of the happiest days in my life, as I'm sure it was too for Anika's parents.

Well, the joy need not stop and we can make that happen! Just click here to read her story. You can buy items or donate. Or pray. That's the most powerful of all!

Happy birthday, Anika! May you have many many many more birthdays!

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing Anika's story. I am happy to meet amazing people like you! Thank you!


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