Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vito's favorite new feeding tool

At Vito's last pedia check up, Dr. Cricket Chen told us about a feeding tool: "It looks like a sock, but it's a mesh. And you put a banana or some other fruit inside and the baby can suck the fruit out and it's mashed na." She couldn't remember the brand or what it's called but she added, "Basta I saw it in Rustan's. Galing na what they come up with for kids these days!"

So off I went to Rustan's to look for this mystery feeding thingamajig. I told the sales ladies, "It's a mesh and you put a banana inside and the baby chews on it and out comes mashed banana." The ladies looked at me blankly for several long seconds. Then one of them said, "Ay, alam ko yan, ma'am! Eto! Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder!"

Put the fruit inside the mesh. No need to slice!
The baby then just chomps on it, mashing the fruit.
Then he sucks the ground up fruit easily! No fear of choking!
It's good exercise for his mouth and acts as a teether, too!
It is absolutely such a wonderful invention! Vito is very very happy with it. It's not expensive at all, too. I don't remember how much--that means the price didn't make an impression on me. I even bought two!

My only problem with it is you can't put juicy stuff in it, like mangoes. It's going to be an awful mess. Bananas and avocadoes and apples are perfect. It's such a fun and easy way to feed your baby healthy food!

To know more about the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, click here.

P.S. Vito's David & Goliath shirt says, "Sorry, girls. I only date models." Har har!


  1. we have the same pedia!! she's great!

  2. We used this, too! Now that Vito has ten teeth (yike!), no more na. But, oh, I love Munchkin stuff! We have their teethers, utensils, and the food grinder, cuz Vito eats meat once in a while and that needs grinding.

    Now, Vito uses Boon. :)

  3. Oh I loved using these on Lucia. They're a bitch to clean though. There's another tool I wished they had when my baby was younger. It's this food container for baby food that has a spoon at the end. You just squeeze the tube and the food comes out. The spoon even has a cover so it's super easy to bring when you go out and need to bring baby food. Forgot the brand lang but saw it in Rustan's too.

  4. Wow, all in one! Alam na alam na ni Vito ang procedures! :D

  5. my baby has this too kaso he doesn't like it...hehehe

  6. I've been wanting to get this for Y! :) I love Munchkin stuff too.. Eyeing that and the snack catcher!

    I want to change my pedia for so long but couldn't find someone I like. Where is Dr. Chen's clinic? Thanks!

  7. Hi Frances. First of all, love your blogs. Secondly, let me apologize in advance because this comment might potentially be a major buzzkill for your post. I too, have read about this product when I was pregnant. But if you look it up on Amazon and read the 1-star reviews, most of them have similar comments about the material of the mesh coming with the fruit, etc. And another thing is, this product falls under California’s prop 65 law.

    From what I understand, this state law requires manufacturers to warn consumers of items that might potentially have harmful effects upon usage. Prop 65 specifically warns about the potential to cause cancer and birth defects. If you look under the “product details” section of this product in Amazon, it has that warning.

    Again, so sorry if this comment bums you out! I just wanted to share with a fellow mommy in the interest of your baby's safety. I have a 3-month old ex-preemie, now-healthy baby girl that’s why I’m so paranoid about what to give her and what not to. Best thing to do is ask your pedia, I guess :) -Kat

  8. It's really nice when sales people know their products! Sometimes, all I get is the blank stare and I have to look for things myself.

    And yes, that feeder is an absolute godsend. Where was innovation when I was having babies ***teen (*chokes*) years ago?

  9. Hi Frances

    Nice you go to Dra Cricket too! :)) This mesh feeder is indeed such a wonder. Makes feeding hassle-free and worry-free for us working moms.

  10. no more meshing and mashing for the busy mommy! :D

  11. I love this! When my daughter started on solids, I would give her this (filled with melon, avocado, or papaya) instead of a teether. She gets bored with her teethers kasi. She would sit there for literally hours! She loves them!

    Yet, they're hard to wash! Super! I soak them pa kasi the food gets stuck in the mesh.

    and like Martine, I love Munchkin! They're affordable and super nice!

  12. we have two of these :) perfect for munching on orange slices! now DW uses them as bath toys :P

  13. Menchie, a bitch to clean talaga! I clean it myself kasi the maid never can get the itty bitty gunk out. Grr!

    Apples & Dumplings, Dr. Chen is at St. Luke's Bonifacio Global City.

    Primigravida, no worries! You didn't bum me out. Actually, I kinda thought the same thing. Now that Vito's teeth are 7 strong, we've stopped using the feeders.


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