Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy mistake

Remember when I was pregnant and Vince and I saw our Jelly Bean in my tummy via ultrasound and we decided to give him a serious name because he looked like a serious baby? Well, just look at this baby!

If Vince and I had been correct with our assumption and Vito turned out to be a serious baby, we'd love him just the same. Still, this crazy baby we now have sure is fun to have around!


  1. vito is so very cute, especially in the 3rd photo, nakakagigil

  2. Thanks, Pixie! He's also a moody baby, a cranky, hot-tempered, easily bored, easily amused, happy baby! Just like his parents!

    Cheer, super! Series of photos yan, eh. Linalamon niya yung lion haha


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