Saturday, May 21, 2011

If the world were to end today

I won't change a thing. I'd still go about my day today, which is to spend the whole day with my Vince and my Vito. 

We'll look at houses today. We can't afford a house yet but we still got a real estate agent to show us some properties. It's nice to dream and plan, especially when you have a darling baby boy.

We'll also drop by the Yummy Eats event at NBC Tent. It's the baby of my friend, Franny of Franywanny: A Food & Travel Blog, so I'm excited to see what she's been busy with these past weeks. Then we'll go to Power Plant and buy Vince a new PS3 game and maybe I'll go buy an electric pleated skirt from Zara.

Then Vince, Vito and I will go home, cuddle and watch TV while we eat the last tub of Haagen Dazs ice cream that Vince gave me for Mother's Day. I'll just stay there in my husband's arms, with Vito squished between us, all three of us in a pile, and we will laugh at the funny things we're watching on TV or at Vito's many new tricks or at each other's silly silliness. Because that's what we do every weekend and this weekend won't be different.

And if the world were to end at that point, it would be most bittersweet because I have never been this happy in my life and so I regret nothing. Well, I would regret one thing and that's I won't see my darling Vito grow up into a handsome, healthy, smart, loving man. And that thought makes me sad.

So I hope the world doesn't end today or ever because some good things shouldn't end, and what I have right now, right here in my small apartment that's filled with all the love in the world, is very good.


  1. another one of Fran's terrific tearjerkers... :-)*hug*

  2. Truly echoes what I feel right now. =) Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Hug back, Jill! Miss you!

    Thanks for reading, earthgirl =)

  4. wag po muna pls... dimpa kmi masyado ngkkasama ng matagl ni hubby ko... wwwaaaahhhh....


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