Friday, May 27, 2011

It's hard to be a mowdel

You have to deal with lotsa people staring at you.
Or ignoring you.
They give you nice things but you can't eat them.
You can't drool on the nice stuff!
Just when you're happily playing, they drag you away from the toy.
Or they take the toy away!
It's hard to be a mowdel!

Despite all that, Vito did very well on his first photo shoot for a magazine. He didn't cry. Well, he did when we put him in the stroller. Vito hates strollers. Yes, hate is a strong word but in this case, it's the most appropriate word to describe Vito's relationship with those contraptions.

Other than that, he smiled when asked to smile, he laughed and played and, well, the camera loved him and he loved it right back.

Whew! And there I was so scared for him. Silly mommy me!

Hmm. I think I may have found a way to fund his college education! Calling all diaper brands, baby clothing shops, baby grooming products, baby services and everything else baby-related--my Vito is now accepting modeling jobs!


  1. I would love my son to be a mowdel too. envious much! cant wait to see Vito's pics. =)

  2. way to go Vito! more modeling stints to come!

  3. Pearl, you submit nice photos of your child to magazines. You never know! Me, I just kept showing Smart Parenting Vito's photos. Share lang! I didn't demand or make kulit for him to be a model.

    So when they suddenly needed a model for a story, the editor called me!

  4. Mom-Friday, haha, go go! Mahal ang college! Actually, pre-school pa lang nalula na ako.

  5. vito is a natural! go vito! may fans club na sya e haha :D

  6. Professional na professional! May pang tuition na! Ako rin kaya? (as in ako, hindi si Sjöfn haha)

  7. Eto na ang simula!!! :)

    Hey Timmy abhors strollers! Glad to know he's not the only who who has an aversion to those contraptions!

  8. Congrats on a "smooth" shoot, F and Baby Vito :D Naks, mowdels na mga anak natin hehe...

  9. I saw the feature na! That's because Smart Parenting's page board is right beside my desk haha. But it'll come out in the July issue! =D

  10. Paola, ang liit kaya magbayad ng magazines! Kaya dapat diapers or toys. =)

    Toni, I hear that there's a lot of kids who hate strollers. But since they're expensive and the parents bought them na, parents use the thing as a shopping cart when they go to malls. Yun pala yun!

    Jane, I know! Cute cute your Baby J!


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