Sunday, May 22, 2011

NIVEA's got some super sun protection for kids

Introducing NIVEA Sun Kids collection! There's three variants and all of them boast of super SPF 50+ protection for our kids' sensitive skin. There's Children's Sun Lotion, Swim & Play Kids Sun Lotion and Children's Pocket Size Sun Lotion.

Each lotion is especially formulated to be gentle on Vito's skin but tough on the sun's harmful rays. That's SPF 50+ protection that's based on a potent combination of mineral and organic filters. Plus, it's extra water- and sweat-resistant so whether Vito's in the pool or playing under the sun, the lotion won't slide off easily.

Too bad I didn't know about this when my family and I went to Cebu last month. We spent a lovely weekend at the amazing Shangri-la Mactan and Vito experienced the beach, the pool and sunbathing for the first time.

He was not without protection. We used VMV Armada Baby SPF 50+. But it was such a chore to apply because it's a thick pasty cake and was in this jar. So imagine me trying to get some SPF on super duper active Vito! The consistency of VMV is too thick so I had to keep rubbing at the cake to get a decent amount on my fingers. It took forever, I tell ya!!! It's so expensive pa. Sooo not worth it!

If I had known about NIVEA Sun Kids lotions, I'd have used them. We're a NIVEA family. Vince especially is a huge fan. I stock up on NIVEA's wet wipes because they're always sold out. So now we have new lotions to try on Vito!

To know more about this skincare range, click here!

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