Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pampers salutes moms this Mother's Day

This post is brought to you by Pampers.

It’s my first Mother’s Day this Sunday. As you know, Mother’s Day used to make me sad, like, if I can only forget that day, I would. And even though I got a lot of greetings last year when I was still pregnant, I wasn’t cheered up. I also thought those were like count-your-chickens-before-the-eggs-hatch kinda thing so I deflected those well wishes.

This year, however, I’m looking forward to celebrating because this year is the first of many, many years of happy motherhood!

Right now Vito, at 8 months and 3 weeks old, is unbelievably active. Remember that photo? He was just 7 months old there and he was climbing up slides. Now, he’s literally bouncing off the walls (yes, literally—poor thing!). He crawls very fast, it’s scary. He likes to dance, which makes us laugh so much. He climbs everything in sight, which makes us nervous. He can climb down the bed and sofa, which makes us proud. The best part is, at his young age, he’s already trying to walk on his own! He’s such a big boy!

This is really such a fantastic time. Vince said this is possibly the best time of our life. He and I are so happy, so proud of our little boy who seems bent on growing up as fast as he can. There’s no stopping Mr. Vito!

Yesterday, we bought him better shoes from Hubsche & Ginoble. We also have to buy him long pants to protect his knees. I also bought new diapers, Pampers Active Baby. I’ve been seeing the TVC for some time now—adorable babies everywhere!—and I realized Vito needs a diaper that can withstand all the pounding, twisting, moving and pooping and peeing, too! So we’re trying out Pampers Active Baby because it says it has an extra lock layer—it’s a layer that locks pee in even if baby squishes the diaper again and again. Brilliant!
I’m still testing Pampers Active Baby this weekend. Will update you next week. Meanwhile, Pampers is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special video of mommy and baby moments of love. Hundreds of mommies sent Pampers photos and videos of their best moments of fun and play, giggles and laughter, sleep and dreams, and hugs and kisses.

View the special video on Pampers’ Facebook page, and join Pampers as they salute moms this Mother’s Day. It will also be shown on nationwide TV today so watch for it.

Happy Mother’s Day, fellow mommies! 

P.S. Make sure you scroll down to win a fabulous diaper bag!


  1. hi frances! i really love following your blog. I'm expecting my first baby this October. Got so many ideas from the stuff you write! i got awfully curious about the thudguard your little vito has been wearing. Does he love wearing it? Does he sweat a lot in it? Would love to hear it from an actual user. I'm planning to get one too! Best regards!

  2. Hi Faith! Thanks for reading my blog =) Congratulations also on your pregnancy! Oh, so much happiness coming your way!

    Anyway, here's my take on the Thudguard--it really does protect his head from bumps but dapat naka-aircon! His head gets so sweaty that the helmet irritates him =( So I only put it on when the aircon's on or the weather's cool. Kainez.


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