Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vito's first magazine modeling stint!

Smart Parenting just made a silly mommy's dream come true: My baby boy's going to be a mowdel!

Today is the shoot. It'll be at our apartment. That's so Vito will be at ease, in familiar surroundings, while strangers with big scary gadgets and bright popping lights try to make him smile.

I'm a little worried about that, of course. That's scary for any child. Plus, Vito can be moody (like his parents). Sometimes, no matter what we do, what tricks we pull out of a hat, pleading, cajoling and bribing (haha, no we're not at the bribing stage yet!), Vito will not smile at the camera. Take these pictures, for example:

No siree, no one forces Vito to do anything he doesn't want to do. He's really like Vince and me! Why am I surprised? Wish us luck! Or maybe it should be wish Smart Parenting and the photographer lotsa luck! It's their feature on the line here. Yikes!


  1. good luck with the photo shoot! smile or no smile, vito will be charmning for sure :)

  2. wow! i want my baby to model for a magazine too! even to see her on billboards or tv commercials but i don't want her to be a celebrity yet hehe


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