Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our miracle baby

Vito and I are lucky to have a writer in Vince. Vince has written lovely articles about his love for us and I look forward to the day that Vito can finally read what his Papa wrote.

In the June issue of Good Housekeeping, Vince writes about how a baby was not in our plans--for many reasons, like medical. I have endometriosis, we were in our mid-30s, and, well, we just really didn't want to be parents. But our surprise pregnancy has proven to be a miracle and that baby boy just makes us feel blessed every single day.

Here it is:
click to enlarge

Vito, one day you'll grow up and read how much your Papa loves you. Till then, I hope you feel just how much we really truly do.


  1. Wow, Vince's article is truly heartwarming. I totally get what he's saying. Vito is so lucky to have a lot of notes/blog entries to read when he's bigger showing how much his parents love him :)

  2. wow this piece is really so touching... i really feel like that too, with my age of 38 and of not being able to find someone that i could spend the rest of my life with and then suddenly he came along and now comes the anticipation of our baby boy coming too in 4months time .... it sure is such a wonderful gift and blessing...

  3. ooohhh i want to read what he wrote! Yes, lucky you and Vito :)

  4. i'm a new mom too and a relatively new follower of your blog. i love your hubby's article. Vito is a miracle indeed :)

  5. Sweet, touching and just wonderful! I'm sure Vito would be so proud when he gets to read this in the future. :)

  6. Cheer, congratulations!!!

    Mei, welcome to mommy world! Thanks for reading my blog =)

    Thanks for the warm response. I'll post Vince's other articles =D


    you guys are super lucky :)


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