Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Papa's boy

I mentioned here before that sometimes Vito just doesn't want me. He wants his Papa. Well, now that he's almost 11 months old and wants to play all day, he absolutely adores his Papa and wants to be with him.
Vito loves his Papa lotsa lotsa!
Look at how my boy adores my man!
Vito always has to touch his Papa. So cute!

Me? I'm just food! And that's okay. I want Vito to look up to his Papa so much that he'll aspire to be just like him. And more!


  1. the photo sequence is funny!! oo nga obvious.. talagang nakatitig sa tatay nya!! he's cute (vito i mean!!) haha!

  2. Cute! Y sometimes wants me than his papa too. Sometimes it amazes me because I work and spends most of the day out and she still wants me. :)

  3. Awww!! this is super sweet! I'm sure this is just a phase at super tagal mo naman na daw siya nakasama in your tummy. Vito is just leveling the playing field. lol. :)

  4. "Me? I'm just food!"

    Hi Frances! I feel exactly the same way with my daughter hehehe. In my case naman, I hope she aspires to have a man in her life like her father.

  5. vito is the so cute here in the picture sequence... he really adores his dad... hope when my baby boy arrives... he will be like that too

  6. Thanks everybody!

    I don't mind that Vito adores his Papa. I enjoy it. I can sleep hahaha


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