Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Topaz Mommy meets fellow mommy bloggers

I apologize for not blogging here! I've been busy updating my personal blog and beauty blog. But I do have a lot of posts just for you!

Remember my Mother's Day contest, the one that had a LeSportsac diaper bag as the prize? Well, Vera of Slow Shuffling Shoes won it and she came by last month to pick it up just a few days before she was about to pop!
Hehe, I look preggy too!

Pretty mommy!
That's her car over there in the back. Her hubby drove her. They are such a beautiful couple! And now they have a beautiful baby girl named Elle. Congratulations, Vera! For the gorgeous new daughter and for winning the diaper bag!

A few days earlier, I also met another mommy blogger, Fleur of Mommy Fleur. We've been following each other's blogs for a while now but when she came up to me during Philippine Fashion Week, I didn't recognize her. It was only when she said, "Mommy Fleur" that I went wild with happiness!
Read about our meeting here!
Fleur is the mommy of an adorable little girl, Anika. Looking at her photos on the blog, I can tell she's pretty awesome--smart and happy and full of life. Just like my own Vito! Plus, I learn a lot from Fleur's blog. In fact, when I applied for Vito's passport, it was Fleur and Anika who helped me the most because of her blog post about it. Thanks, Mommy Fleur!

I love my mommy community. You're all so special!


  1. Thanks Frances! I super love this post!!! =) I'm so excited to receive the bag that I ordered from you! Can't wait to use it already!!

    See you soon!!! =) Hugs!

  2. Haha, hello! You don't look pregnant! Thank you for the kind words, Frances. See you soon and kisses to sweet little Vito :)

  3. Fleur, I love my Batangas bag! I should do an outfit post!

    Veratush, haha, but I do! Laki pa rin my tum-tum! Yes, hope to see you and Ella, too. When she's a bit bigger na para di siya sakmalin ni Vito. Nanggigigil si Vito sa babies now. Grabe. Dapat sundan na! LOL

  4. hey! i thought there will be a topazhorizon and mombloggers meetup? :-D

  5. I can't afford to feed all of you! And nahihiya pa ako to ask for sponsorship from restaurants or other venues. One day, one day!

  6. hahahaha, ano ba, kahit KKB :) i just want to meet fellow mom bloggers. hahaha. :)


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