Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Check out the new Disney line of adidas Kids!

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

I previously blogged about the cute Disney Cars 2 line of adidas shoes that I wanted to get Vito (but he'll have to walk first!). Now here's more! I love the dynamic designs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy faces for Tita KT

Vito's such a character. When my friend, Kate Torralba, came over last week (because I've been such a bad friend to all my friends and haven't seen her in a long, long time), she and Vito totally hit it off.

These are from Kate's camera.
Still shy and hiding beside me.
Eating cookies and distracting Tita Kate

Here's his gigil face!
And his "Am I cute?" face. Kate agrees!
Another "gigil" and Kate is charmed.
Kate and Vito sang and danced and talked for more than an hour. Incredible. I don't know where Kate gets the energy! And after Kate left, Vito was still so excited, dancing and singing Kate's "digidingding" song for 30 minutes!

Thanks, Kate, for the visit. See you when you get back!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vito's in this month's Smart Parenting!

Calling all members of Vito's fan club! Grab the July issue of Smart Parenting (the one with Judy Ann Santos on the cover) because our little star is in it!

And not just once, but twice!
We have the same eyes =)

Oh yes, I got dragged into the shoot, too (here's the behind-the-scenes). I was so not ready for this. It was such a busy morning that I didn't even have time to shower, much less fix my hair and put on makeup! So, mommies, always be ready when your kid's in a magazine/commercial shoot. They might just ask you to join your child in front of the camera!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Planning Vito's first birthday party!

In exactly three weeks, Vito's turning a year old. I still can't believe it. I look at him oftentimes and wonder, "Where did this super fast crawler, super loud talker, super bossy, super happy little person come from?"

First birthday! Are we having a party? Well, yes and no. I really wasn't planning to throw him a party. First, because Vince and I are allergic to parties. We really, really are stressed out whenever there are gatherings of more than 10 people. Believe it or not, we are really shy people and the thought of interacting with more than a handful of people is painful. Like, we physically wince at the thought. Second, Vito's just like his parents. He doesn't like it when there's a lot of people. So to throw him a big party will just upset him. Third, Vito's 1 year old. He'll never remember a party at his age!

But last Monday, I suddenly decided, right out of the blue, that I can compromise. I'll mark the special day with a party but with his playground friends. The party will be very small, with people he already knows since he sees them every day. That means he (and his parents) won't get upset!

We'll invite just 6 kids, all a year old, too. There'll be a small cake, finger food like chicken nuggets, steamed carrot sticks and french fries, and maybe balloons. Since all the guests are one year old, there's no need for games and entertainment. They'll just crawl and chase balls, bang on the furniture and eat.

Now Vito loves Totoro. Absolutely loves that monster from the lovely Miyazaki film, My Neighbor Totoro. So Vito's party theme is Totoro!

I'm totally inspired by these parties:
These homemade decorations are super easy to do. All I need is some illustration boards, paint and place them around the house. (A Miyazaki Birthday)

These homemade invitations are easy, too. And since there's only 6 guests, no stress on my part to cut and draw. Love them! (A Beautiful Birthday for Brody)

Totoro can make things grow magically. So a great giveaway will be seedlings. I also like that as the plants grow, Vito's growing with them! (My Neighbor Totoro Birthday Party--this is a lovely post. Do visit it!)

I'm also thinking of balloons, since Totoro is as round as one. These personally decorated balloons are easy and clever! (Letter to Camille--another lovely post. Do read it!)

And what's a birthday party without cake? This is an elaborate design actually. But it's so adorable. Maybe I'll have that copied or have a much simpler one made. (Totoro cakes)

So that's it! I've decided on the theme but haven't gotten around to actually doing anything about it. I am such a crammer! Even my own wedding was planned in 2 months. I really should stop this habit even though it's been working fine. Will update you on how this birthday goes!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shopping for Vito's first adidas shoes!

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

I'm not the sort of girl who wears sneakers but if I have to, I only wear adidas. I'm a total adidas fan. I have a gorgeous pair of leather sneakers for casual days and pink trainers with air mesh uppers for exercise days. So naturally I want adidas for my boy!

I'm loving the Disney Cars 2 collection:

My new power

Yesterday, I was at a lovely lunch hosted by Estee Lauder (the brand, not the woman!) and I was seated with the gorgeous Agoo Bengzon, beauty director of Summit Media, wife and mom extraordinaire. We were talking about the horrors of pregnancy and labor—making the single ladies seated with us shudder—and someone asked what makes it all worth it. Instead of saying the expected "Motherhood is the best thing ever!", Agoo replied, "Once you survive giving birth, you feel like you can conquer anything. Anything!"

That is true. Since I gave birth almost a year ago, my life has become more charmed and not just because of the baby. OK! magazine is doing so well, I have new and amazing mommy friends, my blogs are growing every month, we launched a bag business, and people seem more attracted to me now--showering me and my family with love and gifts. While I always said it's because Vito is my lucky charm, I think it's really because I changed. Motherhood changed my attitude towards life and infused me with a new power.

I used to have a lot of shit in my life, mostly imagined. You know how the young think everything's such a big deal? "Omigod, my nail broke—my life is over! This weather is totally frizzing my hair! He didn't call me up after our date! Why did she look at me from head to toe? I'm so going to kill myself if I don't go out tonight! If I can't have that bag, I might as well die now. Now!" La di da. So unattractive and such a total waste of energy.

I know I sound like I'm trivializing these concerns (okay, I am!) and that's unfair because to the very young, these issues are really issues. And before I got pregnant, I really did obsess about a lot of silly things. But not over my nails, hair and shopping, ha. I mostly would spend weeks agonizing over the girls hovering around Vince and what to wear and say when I'm invited to lunch with his family. Silly me!

Then I got pregnant. And everything hinged on that little boy's heartbeat. I took refuge in silly stuff like worrying over stretchmarks and looking great while preggy—these all seemed so much more familiar and friendly than worrying about my Jelly Bean's growth and development, and my life and how I'm risking it for this child, this stranger.

Then labor happened. Wow, that really hurt. I felt like a huge knife was stabbing me from the inside. Lots of blood involved. Vince said huge blobs of what looked like raspberry jam was coming out of my vagina and making sick "shplop" sounds as they hit the delivery room floor. He was in shock. Thankfully, I didn't get to see any bloody mess. I just felt warm gushes. Then push push push push push (yep, just five pushes!) and I felt my stomach swoooosh empty and then—most glorious of all!—a really angry squeal and cry rent the room. Vito was born!

Giving birth is such a horrendous experience. It's also quite beautiful, one of the most beautiful things in the world. And when they say life changes after giving birth, I know now the changes don't just involve the kid. I personally have changed. For one thing, I have less patience for the silly stuff. When your vagina just expelled gallons of blood and gore and a child, you really wouldn't care about lipstick on your teeth.

You may think, "Your life has meaning and purpose now!" Nope, my life always had meaning and purpose but before motherhood, I allowed people to distract and prevent me from doing and saying what I really want. I cared about what people thought and would say yes, yes, yes to things I didn't want, like or care for simply because I wanted to be nice and sweet and not ruffle any feathers. Well, not anymore.

I guess I am slowing down to take stock of what really matters in my life. With a child, I have less time now so something better be worth my time. I care less for the trivial. I care even less about what people think.

At the same time, I feel I have so much power now. So much life! I feel I can take on the world and it will bow down before me because I am a mother now. My old self died the day I shed so much blood for my son and a new self was born. And this new self takes no shit. This new self takes no prisoners. This new self has the hands that rock the cradle. And so I rule the world.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Can't I just love him?

I've been a mommy for just 11 months and 2 days so I don't really know a lot about motherhood. When the TV show MOMents asked me to dispense advice to mommy viewers, I confessed I have no advice but that I only follow one rule: To respond with love always.

Meanwhile, I get a ton of tips on how to raise my son, most of them seems to be to hold him at arm's length because love will spoil him. I've been told that breastfeeding makes the child clingy so I should stop. Letting the baby sleep with us in bed will ruin our marriage. When I cradle him in my arms and dance and sing him to sleep, I get warned that he'll be a brat and will never learn to sleep on his own.

He already squirms away from kisses and hugs =(
You know, I appreciate all the advice but I just can't do it. I want to breastfeed him, to nurture him and comfort him. I want us all to cuddle in bed because Vince and I work all day and we only have Vito at night. I want to sing to him till I'm hoarse, dance with him till my hips hurt. If that's what makes him happy. If that's what makes him feel loved.

I don't know if I'm wrong, I don't know if I'll regret all this one day. Maybe I will but I sure hope not. Because I only have a small window of time with Vito and one day too soon he'll not want to be with mama and papa anymore. He'll want to sleep in his own bed, lock the door. He'll turn up the music loud to drown us out. He'll want to be on his own, which is only right and what should be, and as his parent, I will help him be on his own.

But until that day comes, let me love my boy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flexibath, you're the one! You made Vito's bath time lots of fun!

Vince and I have been wanting to buy a FlexiBath for Vito for months now. We both agreed it's such a clever, space-saving, brightly colored bath tub. We couldn't agree on the color, though! Vince wanted the green while I wanted the translucent one with blue trim. Mothercare solved our dilemma by sending us a purple one!

My darling Vito had been bathing in a storage bin for months. My sister-in-law lent me her kids' Fisher Price reclining bath tub but Vito absolutely disliked being made to lie back and, since he's so malikot, the shallow tub made for a very wet mess everywhere. So I went to a hardware store and bought a deep bin and that's where Vito takes his baths.
Vito at 4 months old. He can hold up his head and sit up with support.
This was when little Vito started liking his baths. He liked "holding" the water. So cute!
That was all well and good when he was smaller. Now that he's 11 months old, he just doesn't fit into the storage bin anymore. Hence our FlexiBath fixation.

We loved FlexiBath for 4 reasons:
  1. It folds up flat. Since we live in a high rise, we have tiny bathrooms. FlexiBath makes for easy storage! And it's perfect for traveling or sleepovers because it's so easy to bring along.
  2. It opens up to become a big tub. It looks small, yes, but it's actually quite roomy and long. Great for growing legs! It's designed for children up to 4 years old in fact!
  3. It's won numerous awards for design. Vince is a sucker for good design. So this bathtub from Denmark that's been recognized for its originality, functionality and design (like the Kind+Jugen Innovation Award and Formland Prize) is right up Vince's alley.
  4. It comes in vibrant colors! Right now, there's green, purple and transparent with blue trim. Soon, there'll be blue as well. I looked at their parent site and I think Mothercare Philippines should bring in the sleek white and girly pink, too! 

What is this, Papa?
You mean this big purple tub is all for me?
And I can play with lotsa bubbles now?
That makes me just so happy!
We're happy with our purple one. Just lookit that huge smile! Plus, when we get a new baby and if she's a girl then the purple one will still be perfect.

Thanks, Mothercare, for loving Vito! You know we love you right back!

FlexiBath is available at Mothercare and selected Dimensione shops for P2,495. For more information, visit FlexiBath Philippines

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vito's 10th month was absolutely fun!

Vito is 11 months old tomorrow. My goodness! Wasn't I just pregnant?! How time flies! Here's a few photos from such a fun and whirlwind month of flying kisses, itsy-bitsy spider, bathing in the shower, gigil and super fast crawling!
Vito does "gigil"!
Out of focus shot! That's because the
subject was moving very very fast!
Vito doing the gestures for Itsy-Bitsy Spider. This is the
"Down came the rain and washed the spider out" part.
Like his Papa, he loves gadgets.
But not silly hats!
We tried babywearing but he didn't take to it.
We applied for his passport!
Vito's walking! Little steps, sure, but walking still!

Looking forward to your 11th month, Vito!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mothercare has a special event for expectant parents!

Vito at 4 months in his Little Monster
Mothercare onesie given by
Auntie Paola and Sjofn
5-month-old Vito in a complete
Mothercare ensemble
New to solids 6-month-old Vito is protected by his
Mothercare bib
Oh my. Vito must be 8 or 9 months old here. I don't remember!
Bad mommy! He's wearing a Mothercare onesire and he's
in his Mothercare crib.
And there he is again, 9 months old, in his Mothercare
onesie with the electric guitar print.
You all know my Vito's a Mothercare baby. That's because his Papa likes all things British and Mothercare is very British. So when Mothercare told me about an exciting event for expectant parents on July 23, I just had to tell you all about it!
click to read!

Remember: You have to sign up at their Facebook page!