Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flexibath, you're the one! You made Vito's bath time lots of fun!

Vince and I have been wanting to buy a FlexiBath for Vito for months now. We both agreed it's such a clever, space-saving, brightly colored bath tub. We couldn't agree on the color, though! Vince wanted the green while I wanted the translucent one with blue trim. Mothercare solved our dilemma by sending us a purple one!

My darling Vito had been bathing in a storage bin for months. My sister-in-law lent me her kids' Fisher Price reclining bath tub but Vito absolutely disliked being made to lie back and, since he's so malikot, the shallow tub made for a very wet mess everywhere. So I went to a hardware store and bought a deep bin and that's where Vito takes his baths.
Vito at 4 months old. He can hold up his head and sit up with support.
This was when little Vito started liking his baths. He liked "holding" the water. So cute!
That was all well and good when he was smaller. Now that he's 11 months old, he just doesn't fit into the storage bin anymore. Hence our FlexiBath fixation.

We loved FlexiBath for 4 reasons:
  1. It folds up flat. Since we live in a high rise, we have tiny bathrooms. FlexiBath makes for easy storage! And it's perfect for traveling or sleepovers because it's so easy to bring along.
  2. It opens up to become a big tub. It looks small, yes, but it's actually quite roomy and long. Great for growing legs! It's designed for children up to 4 years old in fact!
  3. It's won numerous awards for design. Vince is a sucker for good design. So this bathtub from Denmark that's been recognized for its originality, functionality and design (like the Kind+Jugen Innovation Award and Formland Prize) is right up Vince's alley.
  4. It comes in vibrant colors! Right now, there's green, purple and transparent with blue trim. Soon, there'll be blue as well. I looked at their parent site and I think Mothercare Philippines should bring in the sleek white and girly pink, too! 

What is this, Papa?
You mean this big purple tub is all for me?
And I can play with lotsa bubbles now?
That makes me just so happy!
We're happy with our purple one. Just lookit that huge smile! Plus, when we get a new baby and if she's a girl then the purple one will still be perfect.

Thanks, Mothercare, for loving Vito! You know we love you right back!

FlexiBath is available at Mothercare and selected Dimensione shops for P2,495. For more information, visit FlexiBath Philippines


  1. Frances, yey to this post. I was looking at the exact same thing at amazon (no mothercare here :D) but was scared it might be too big for my stinker boy. We got rid of our tub when we did house renovations and his tub in the bathroom is an eye sore. Now I know I can get this for him.

  2. oooohh i love flexibath! even my 4yo old girl takes a bath in her baby brother's tub. we have the green one

  3. I've been wondering about getting this for my nephew! He's 6.5 months now and already loves bath time. He hardly fits in his tub anymore, hehe. He is soooo big!

  4. I've been wanting this Flexibath before I even got pregnant in 2010. But my husband's aunt gifted my daughter a huge bath tub during my baby shower. Now that we're planing our 2nd baby, I'm surely gonna buy this one! So sleek, perfect for our condo living :D

  5. cutie! I'm getting one too if we have another baby hehe.

  6. I've been wanting this tub but we got a different one from fisher's price because this one was not appropriate for her when my daughter was still an infant.

    But once our current one is ready to retire, this is on our top list!

    Spanish Pinay

  7. Shucks how cute! How old should the baby be before being able to use this? I'm scouting for baby baths now for our first baby. I'm due in November. Purple was a delicious choice!

  8. Go go get one! It's kinda expensive but it's such a space-saver and your kid will enjoy baths so much. In fact, my one problem with this tub is Vito enjoys his baths so much now, he doesn't want his baths to end!

  9. I've been wanting to get one even before I was still pregnant with my Jacob. He'll be able to sit on his own soon (he turns 3 months today!) so I am planning to get a Flexibath! It is pricey! I think I saw it (or a similar one) at Dimensione and it's around P5,000 or else. How much is it from Mothercare?

  10. Roxi, namalikmata ka lang yata. Mga P2,500 lang ang Flexibath sa Mothercare and sa Dimensione (both are owned by Bench so same price). Basta wala png 3K =)


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