Friday, July 8, 2011

Mothercare has a special event for expectant parents!

Vito at 4 months in his Little Monster
Mothercare onesie given by
Auntie Paola and Sjofn
5-month-old Vito in a complete
Mothercare ensemble
New to solids 6-month-old Vito is protected by his
Mothercare bib
Oh my. Vito must be 8 or 9 months old here. I don't remember!
Bad mommy! He's wearing a Mothercare onesire and he's
in his Mothercare crib.
And there he is again, 9 months old, in his Mothercare
onesie with the electric guitar print.
You all know my Vito's a Mothercare baby. That's because his Papa likes all things British and Mothercare is very British. So when Mothercare told me about an exciting event for expectant parents on July 23, I just had to tell you all about it!
click to read!

Remember: You have to sign up at their Facebook page!


  1. Vito is so cute! My Vito was a Mothercare onesie semi-freak, too, thanks to me. Hehe. We buy Mothercare because my mother-in-law was a textiles technology executive, and used to test Mothercare clothing. They're the best, really, for infant clothing.

    Vince is like my dad, liking English stuff. When I was a baby, my first shoes were a pair of Mothercare mary janes, which my dad got in London when he was stationed there.

  2. Haaaay, Martine, let's go shop at UK! =D


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