Saturday, July 23, 2011

Planning Vito's first birthday party!

In exactly three weeks, Vito's turning a year old. I still can't believe it. I look at him oftentimes and wonder, "Where did this super fast crawler, super loud talker, super bossy, super happy little person come from?"

First birthday! Are we having a party? Well, yes and no. I really wasn't planning to throw him a party. First, because Vince and I are allergic to parties. We really, really are stressed out whenever there are gatherings of more than 10 people. Believe it or not, we are really shy people and the thought of interacting with more than a handful of people is painful. Like, we physically wince at the thought. Second, Vito's just like his parents. He doesn't like it when there's a lot of people. So to throw him a big party will just upset him. Third, Vito's 1 year old. He'll never remember a party at his age!

But last Monday, I suddenly decided, right out of the blue, that I can compromise. I'll mark the special day with a party but with his playground friends. The party will be very small, with people he already knows since he sees them every day. That means he (and his parents) won't get upset!

We'll invite just 6 kids, all a year old, too. There'll be a small cake, finger food like chicken nuggets, steamed carrot sticks and french fries, and maybe balloons. Since all the guests are one year old, there's no need for games and entertainment. They'll just crawl and chase balls, bang on the furniture and eat.

Now Vito loves Totoro. Absolutely loves that monster from the lovely Miyazaki film, My Neighbor Totoro. So Vito's party theme is Totoro!

I'm totally inspired by these parties:
These homemade decorations are super easy to do. All I need is some illustration boards, paint and place them around the house. (A Miyazaki Birthday)

These homemade invitations are easy, too. And since there's only 6 guests, no stress on my part to cut and draw. Love them! (A Beautiful Birthday for Brody)

Totoro can make things grow magically. So a great giveaway will be seedlings. I also like that as the plants grow, Vito's growing with them! (My Neighbor Totoro Birthday Party--this is a lovely post. Do visit it!)

I'm also thinking of balloons, since Totoro is as round as one. These personally decorated balloons are easy and clever! (Letter to Camille--another lovely post. Do read it!)

And what's a birthday party without cake? This is an elaborate design actually. But it's so adorable. Maybe I'll have that copied or have a much simpler one made. (Totoro cakes)

So that's it! I've decided on the theme but haven't gotten around to actually doing anything about it. I am such a crammer! Even my own wedding was planned in 2 months. I really should stop this habit even though it's been working fine. Will update you on how this birthday goes!


  1. what a coincidence! i'm also planning a totoro-themed party for my baby who's turning 1 in october :) i can't wait to see how vito's party will go, i'm sure it'll be awesome!

  2. Len! It's not a PARTY! More like I'm just going to feed 6 kids =) No games, no host, no giveaways, nothing special! Which means no stress! haha

    1. I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for an intimate party. Alam mu na kasi dito sa pinas may tradition na kapag 1st birthday kelangan magpakain ka ng sandamakmak. I am being practical kasi hindi naman nila maaalala yun diba? un nga lang andame mu lang maririnig na comments from other people na bakit ganito bakit ganyan. Eh twins ang babies ko so sa gatas pa lang nila ang hirap ng magbudget and I also believe na big parties are for adults feeling ko kasi sila lang yung mag eenjoy. Kaya natuwa ko nung nakita ko at nabasa ko mga blog mu about sa small parties ng mga anak mu I really admire you at hindi pala ko nag iisa sa pag iisip na bigyan ng small intimate gathering ang birthday ng mga anak ko. They are turning one next year january 28. :)

    2. Yes, we have nothing against families who want MEGA parties. It's their money! But small, intimate parties are also nice and sweet. Less stress for everyone, especially the mommy!

  3. My son is also turning 1 in November. I initially planned a big party but I am beginning to feel that a big party is not very "us". We're very low-key so I am thinking of having just a small gathering too to mark the occasion and to celebrate the blessing of our son's good health. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing Frances.

  4. Earthgirl, agree! Brooke Shields's philosophy when it comes to her kids' parties is age of child=number of guests! So dapat nga si Vito, one guest lang haha


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