Friday, July 1, 2011

Vito and I are on MOMents!

My baby boy is making his first TV appearance on Gladys Reyes' show, MOMents!

MOMents interviewed me for a short segment. They went to the house and turned my living room into a studio. Then they asked me all about motherhood. I confessed that, being a mom for only less than a year, I didn't really know much about motherhood except that it involves a lot of love!
Fixing my Zara dress
The maid dropped some utensils here and taping stopped.
OK! magazines on the dining table. Yes, mega-promote my job!
Adjusting my pretty purple heels but not one shot of them!
The girl in the blue skirt is Aileen. She looks like Jennylyn Mercado!
Vito's turn to make noise. He said, "Mama! Mama!"
Then they got Vito to play and ham it up for the camera. My kid's such a natural in front of the camera. He didn't get scared at all. But when it was our turn to have a mommy-and-baby moment, he was just so excited, he kept climbing all over me. I hope I made sense during that part of the interview!

I had so much fun! MOMents, thanks for having me on your show! Till next time!

Watch our segment on MOMents at Net 25. Tomorrow at 6:30pm and 10pm. Then on Sunday at 11:30am.


  1. So nice naman, hope to catch the show!You're a very pretty mom, F! But wait, wala si Vito sa pics? =P

  2. The guy from MOMents didn't take our photos nung kami na ni Vito yung ini-interview. Cute cute pa naman niya ng araw na yun! =) Sa TV mo na lang panoorin si Vito haha

  3. pampers baby! pampers baby! :)

    ipaVTR na si vito! haha

  4. oh no, might not be able to watch it in all of those screening time =( hope that you can upload it over the internet somehow, would really want to watch it, but will try the best that i can to see it during those 3 time slots

  5. I'll make sure to catch that! :) Vito Fan Club! haha!

  6. It was a wonderful video!!!
    So happy I caught it last night and of course, Vito stole the show :) You have a lovely home.
    I hope mine turns out as nice as your video.

    Failed to have someone take photos of behind-the-scenes :<<< I was stressed and busy that day, fetched my son and came home straight in time for the shoot.

  7. ooh! i remember when they featured me too. i was really nervous because obviously that was a first for me. but i'm really proud of our segment. i focused more about being eco-friendly at home and also of course, about my little girl. :)

  8. Thanks! Thanks! I'm still hoping Aileen will give me a copy or post it on YouTube =)

  9. go ask for a copy, they will give you one! :)


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