Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vito's 10th month was absolutely fun!

Vito is 11 months old tomorrow. My goodness! Wasn't I just pregnant?! How time flies! Here's a few photos from such a fun and whirlwind month of flying kisses, itsy-bitsy spider, bathing in the shower, gigil and super fast crawling!
Vito does "gigil"!
Out of focus shot! That's because the
subject was moving very very fast!
Vito doing the gestures for Itsy-Bitsy Spider. This is the
"Down came the rain and washed the spider out" part.
Like his Papa, he loves gadgets.
But not silly hats!
We tried babywearing but he didn't take to it.
We applied for his passport!
Vito's walking! Little steps, sure, but walking still!

Looking forward to your 11th month, Vito!


  1. Time flies talaga! :) Parang kelan lang I was pregnant and following your blog and now our babies are nearing their birthday!

  2. Happy 10th month vito!! He's so cute Frances!! He reminds me of my Anika so much! =)

  3. So adorable! What a happy baby!

  4. What a sweetie! Happy 10th month, Vito S! Hopefully you can meet Vito L. (my Vito) this year! :)

  5. Isn't he a precocious little one? adorable!

    Spanish Pinay

  6. Thanks!

    Fleur and Martine, Vito's 11 months na! =)

  7. I was just a silent reader when you were still pregnant and now, one year old na si Vito and active reader na ako hehehe!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences as a new mom, you inspire me.

  8. Thanks for reading my blog, Cherry! And yes, how time flies!


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