Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vito's in this month's Smart Parenting!

Calling all members of Vito's fan club! Grab the July issue of Smart Parenting (the one with Judy Ann Santos on the cover) because our little star is in it!

And not just once, but twice!
We have the same eyes =)

Oh yes, I got dragged into the shoot, too (here's the behind-the-scenes). I was so not ready for this. It was such a busy morning that I didn't even have time to shower, much less fix my hair and put on makeup! So, mommies, always be ready when your kid's in a magazine/commercial shoot. They might just ask you to join your child in front of the camera!


  1. Congratulations Frances and Vito! =) Girl, you look fresh dito sa magazine! In fairness, di halata na di ka prepared! =)

  2. Yay congratulations cutie Vito and Sales family, a star is born :))) And yes, you and Vito look alike!
    Expect more modeling stints to come!

  3. Bite, bite, bite! Vito is one baby I just want to bite. Kyoooot!

    And, Neighbor, you look like your old self in this pic! I do love your glam self now, but still have a soft spot for this very fresh-lang look :)

  4. Thanks, thanks!

    Fleur, they Photoshopped my face. Cleaned it up. No joke!


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