Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mommies-to-be, pencil in these two dates on your August calendar!

This Saturday, August 13:

If you go to Smart Parenting's Baby Shower, you get to find out how to keep fit while pregnant. This is really important--my yaya forced me to walk and walk and walk when I was pregnant. When I gave birth, I had such an easy time pushing Vito out (just five mega pushes!) that the nurses were begging me to hold Vito in because the OB was still stuck in traffic. I could've given birth sooner but no, I waited for Dr. Becky patiently. So attend this event so you can prepare for the birth!

Next Saturday, August 20:

If you attend Mothercare's Baby & Me event, you get to learn about proper nutrition and dental care while pregnant. This is very important--not only for your developing baby but also for your own health and looks. Plus, you might win a Phil & Ted's double stroller!

So the Baby Shower is to prepare you for the big D-Day while the Baby & Me is so you look and feel good as you get bigger and bigger with baby! Attend both! You get lotsa freebies, too. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!

How to sign up:
Smart Parenting's Baby Shower
Email these details to with "SP Baby Shower" on the subject:
(1) Name
(2) Age
(3) Home address
(4) Contact number
(5) How many months preggy are you?
Or you can just bring the August issue of Smart Parenting to the event!

Mothercare's Baby & Me
Registration is FREE! Just visit Mothercare's Facebook page and post the following on their wall: 
(1) Full name 
(2) Contact number 
(3) How far along are you in your pregnancy / How old is your child. 
Successful registrants will receive a confirmation text from Mothercare.

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