Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ProMama has a special event for expecting mamas

Where were these events when I was pregnant?! You mommies-to-be are so lucky!

Now remember: It's this Saturday at the Glorietta Activity Center and it's open to all parents-to-be so bring your baby daddies! Enjoy the pregnancy!

UPDATE: Here's more info from the press kit:

The Proudly Promama Fair is an all-day event celebrating mothers-to-be with free pampering services, consultations with nutritionists and a fun program in the afternoon at the Glorietta Activity Center, Sept. 3, 2011.  

Discover how ProMama, Wyeth's newest product, and its partners help celebrate mothers-to-be at this unique event. A fun-filled and informative program gives pregnant women all the tips they need to look and feel their best. Along with surprise celebrity guests, pregnant women can find out how ProMama helps them meet their increased nutritional needs.  They'll also get tips from nutritionists as well as beauty advice from the experts. Finally, participating fashion brands will showcase how pregnant women can strut their stuff in their stylish ensembles at the Proudly ProMama Fashion Show.

Registration and Snacks will be served at 2pm at the California Pizza Kitchen, Program starts promptly at 3pm at the Glorietta Activity Center.

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