Monday, August 22, 2011

SM Kids is on a MEGA SALE!

SM's got lots of stuff in store for us mommies this weekend! Like this super exciting huge warehouse sale in the kiddie department:

That's a big big discount on brands like Gingersnaps, Elle, Disney, Barbie, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Hot Wheels and a whole lotta more! Remember: Sale starts on Friday and lasts till Monday. Bring your credit cards so you can get 3 months installment at no interest. Have fun shopping!

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  1. Hi Frances! Did you go to the sale? I actually thought about going but I wanted to be sure if they had a lot of stuff for babies below age 1 first. Maybe next time we'll go if I find a good review.

    Btw, I love reading your blog! I have it bookmarked on my browser since I was pregnant with my baby! Mind if we do link exchange? :-)

    Thanks a lot!



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