Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vito's first birthday party madness! Part 1: Before the madness

My darling Vito turned a year old exactly one week ago, August 13, but we had a mini-party for him on Monday, the 15th. It was just a tiny party for his playground friends. Vito gets scared of lots of big people fawning over him so we spared him the traditional big bash, which would only upset him. It worked out great! Vito was beyond thrilled to see all his little friends in his house! And it was just crazy! All these tiny creatures running around our apartment! We enjoyed it immensely. My kiddie party was a success!

But before the madness, here are the details of our simple birthday party for Vito:
Topaz Mommy and the birthday boy, who wasn't in a good mood. His nap time is from 1-3 PM (his party was at 3) so we had to wake him up at around 2:30 to get him ready. He didn't like being woken up!

So Vince had My Neighbor Totoro on TV. Totoro was our party theme. The Studio Ghibli-produced anime is about two young sisters who, together with their father, move to a rural village, near the hospital where their mother is receiving treatment for a long-term illness. They meet the spirits of the wood, and Totoro is one of them. It's a lovely movie about family, sisterhood, faith and hope. I highly recommend it!

As you can see, Vito was transfixed. And this allowed us to put him in his Totoro costume!
We had Vito's costume made by Bumblebee & Company. Got a great deal through Cash Cash Pinoy a few months back. We loved meeting the costume designer, Maita. She's a very gentle soul, knows how to relate with kids. Vito took to her quite fast. He was very happy and comfy in the shop--every time we went there. Great people to work with!

Our cake was made by Gel Colet of Swell Sweets. Gel is Vince's college buddy. In 2007, she had just left TV production and we heard she can bake. So we got her to do our wedding cake. It was such a huge hit (we served the cake as second dessert) that two years after our wedding, people were still talking about it! Naturally, we got her to do our son's cake.

Here's a close-up of the cake. Isn't it adorable? It's not to-scale, though--Totoro's much, much bigger than those other two spirits! But it doesn't matter. We love our cake! As with our wedding, the cake stole the show. Not only was it lovely to look at, it tasted amazing, too! By the time the party ended, there was just crumbs left. I feel bad that I only had a tiny slice!

Beyond the cake is what we served--lasagna and chicken lollipops from Almost Gourmet. A few days before the party, I still didn't know what to serve the guests. I Tweeted for help (follow me!) and Almost Gourmet was recommended by a lot of people. So I called Joyce up and she sounded wonderful. She gave me tips on how and what to feed my party guests. The cost was reasonable, too, even cheap! Then on the day of the party, the food arrived still hot. It's like it was cooked next door! The best part is the food tasted really great!

For our giveaways, we ordered cookies with a simple Totoro design, again from Swell Sweets. I forgot to ask Gel to put Vito's name on the cookies! The cookies were yummy, like the cake. But I liked the cake better (I'm a cake person). The custom-made cake and cookies weren't cheap but just look at how gorgeous they were! Definitely was the centerpiece of the party so totally worth it.

Pretty simple, right? We're simple folk, but with very good taste! So I made sure to get really good suppliers for the party. We'll meet the super cute guests next!


  1. I love the cake! I wouldn't have wanted to eat it. Not a big fan of big bonga kiddie parties either.

  2. what a nice party! and i'm very thankful i got to read this post because i've been sort of pressuring myself to come up with a big bash for my sloan's 1st birthday, (no) thanks to all the other stuff i've been reading on the internet. this post put things in perspective :)

  3. That Totoro costume is just too cute! Is he wearing it for Halloween, too?

  4. Happy first birthday to your precious little Vito! I admire the restraint you practiced with your guest list. Gosh, it's so easy to go overboard when you're planning your kid's birthday party. Congratulations on the successful toddler soiree!

  5. awwww!!!!
    totoro overload!

    i can understand why vince likes totoro because i still do!

    totoro cast his magic on me when i was a kid & i never got free from it

    he is so cute with his totoro costume!

  6. Love all the details, Frances! It's such a lovely whimsical theme for a birthday party.:)

  7. Weeee! This makes me so happy! I love party details. That cake is adorable. Now I know who to call for Vito's birthday cake & giveaways! ;)

  8. Rone, Len and Missus, ya, it's easy for us to not get pressured to do what we don't want. Vince and I are the stubborn ones in both our families. Sanay na sila sa amin =)

  9. Volcanogirl, nope! He'll be Tigger on Halloween!

  10. Thanks everybody =) It was a small, simple party but very fun!

  11. happy birthday cutie vito and good job hot momma and dada :D


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