Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vito's first birthday party madness! Part 2: The uber cute guests

Vito's first birthday party just had a short guest list. And the guests were also short! Look how utterly adorable our party people are!
That's Keddie, Enzo, Vito and Audrey. Vito, by the way, refused to wear the head and feet of his Totoro costume.

Everyone kicks off their shoes--that's the sign of a great party! This is Enzo. You've met him before (click here!). He's the cute kid who hugs and kisses everyone on the playground. You can't escape him. If he wants to kiss you, he pulls you in and he's a hefty guy so he's pretty strong.

Audrey is shy. She just celebrated her second birthday but she's really tall, she looks like a preschooler. She's the earliest to arrive at the playground and she's always hiding behind her yaya. Pretty girl!

Here's another pretty little person! That's Sjofn (Syo-feen), daughter of Paola of Mommy Treats. You've met Paola before, too (click here!). Our kids were born two weeks apart. They've met before, at the Swatch Zebra Day, which I forgot to blog about. Vito liked Sjofn but she didn't like him back. Haha, Vito, that's life for you!

Neighborhood cutie is Sophia. She's just three weeks older than Vito and incredibly talkative. Like, she can talk. I was shocked! Earl, her mommy, is a broadcast journalist. She says that her daughter's talkiness is inherited from her, naturally. Well, Sophia's dad, Judah, is a TV and event host. He likes to talk a lot, too. Very verbal family!

There's Enzo, owning the couch. We covered it in a sheet to protect it, since we have kids running around. But amazingly, our house--accused to be not kid-friendly because of the white upholstery, glass tables and vases--was unharmed. Not a kid was harmed, too! This affirms our philosophy that we families don't have to live in plastic houses with plastic furniture, devoid of beauty and charm. Kids know how to appreciate beauty and will learn to respect it. (Of course it helps that we adults are very vigilant!)

This is Alfonso, Vito's very first friend! They met when Vito was just 5 days old and Alfonso was 9 months old. Vito idolizes Alfonso. Totally looks up to him. Everything Alfonso does, Vito will imitate. Vito also tries very hard to please Alfonso. It's like he's Vito's big brother.

Vito, Sophia and Sjofn like Alfonso's gift very much. There was a tug-of-war, with Alfonso watching almost with approval!

Sofia won that round. Oh, there's Totoro's head and paws beside her!

So Sjofn just went after the hopping mechanical rabbit.

Except that little Totoro was faster. Parenting note: Must teach the boy some gentlemanly manners! Anyway, there were two more guests, Justin and Keira. Sounds so Hollywood! But we somehow weren't able to take their photos.

Now that you've met the cast of zany characters, more party pictures in the next (and last party) post!


  1. hahahaha!
    what a load of cuteness!!!!
    you started my week really really good!

    everyone is so adorable!
    sorry,sweetie, i can't choose who is the cutest because everyone is!

    but since i have a soft spot for totoro, i'll choose vito, but sjofn's get up with that cute headband melted my heart.....

    can't choose...

    have to check the other post!

  2. Darling kids! So adorable. :) Congrats on the successful party! :)

  3. How adorable! I love how you described them, Ms. F. So funny! haha..Belated happy birthday, Vito!! I wish you good health and a brighter future! :)

  4. Yes, they're ALL so cute! It was so the most adorable party--I wanted to kiss them all =)

  5. Thanks, Ethelyn, for your birthday blessings for Vito!


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