Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vito's first birthday party madness! Part 3: The funnest day

So Vito's party was a big hit! No stress at all since there was no program, no games, no clowns and no decorations. It helped that all the guests were just toddlers. There was no need to entertain them since they could entertain themselves.

But all birthday parties have to have one tradition: the blowing out of the birthday candle! Vito was having such a good time on the couch with his friends, Alfonso and Sofia, that he didn't want to blow any candles!
I am digging Alfonso's cool shirt! Also liking Sofia's sunshine-y dress. Now if only Vito wore his complete Totoro costume. He looked really weird without the head and paws!

There's the head and paws! Alfonso, being older, got off the couch easily enough, ready for some birthday candle action. These two had to be physically removed from the couch!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday, dear Vito...

Happy birthday to you!

We practiced for days before the big event on how to blow out the candle. The best Vito can do was "hah, hah, hah!" instead of "hoo! hoo!" He did try.

So Papa Vince said, "Blow out the candle, Mama," and so Mama made a wish (long, happy, healthy life for Vito) and blew that magic candle out.

Whew! So after all the cake, cookies, lasagna and chicken, after all the running around and screaming and banging on the furniture, after all the songs and Totoro movie that played throughout the party, the little kiddies collapsed on the couch, the rug and in their mommies' arms and slept.

What a lovely day. Happy birthday, darling Vito! We wish you many more happy birthdays, many happy meals with friends and family, many songs and laughter, and lots of warm hugs and loving kisses from the world.

Papa and Mama and all the wonderful people who love you so


  1. That was a super great party Frances!!! Your party guests are so adorable!!! =) Happy birthday Vito gwapito!! =)

  2. Happy birthday Vito Gwapito! Such a fun party! :) And Vito looks cute in his costume!

  3. Wonderfully cuuuute and fun party Frances :))) Love the cake and the costume! :)

  4. Dear Vito, Happy happy 1st birthday! You are such a cutie pie with your half totoro costume. Awesome party by the way. Great job daddy Vince and mommy Frances! =)

  5. Happy birthday, Dear Vito in a Totoro costume! He looks absolutely adorable and the guests are so cute! :)

  6. LOL at the first pic!
    looks like Vito is indeed having a very comfy time with alfonso & sophia & doesn't want to be taken away.

    Happy Birthday,Vito!
    I wish you a long & happy life!

  7. CUTE OVERLOAD. I'm just giddy looking at the pics! Vito looks very happy. :)

    I remember we practiced every 8th of the month since my Vito's 7th-month birthday: We'd buy him a cake and practice "blowing." He didn't do it on the day itself, but did it EVERY TIME anyone else had a birthday! Haha. At least he'll be ready by his 2nd birthday!

  8. Thanks everybody! We had SO MUCH FUN! =D

  9. The party looked so much fun! I am thinking of doing an intimate party for Jacob's first birthday as well since they won't really remember it like you said!



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