Thursday, August 11, 2011

Will this pair of red shoes go with Vito's green outfit?

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

Vito, tired from his morning walk.
Me, groggy with sleep!
Good morning, lovely mommies! Let me share with you our morning ritual:

  1. Vito wakes up at 4:30 or 5am. He wakes me and Vince up. I breastfeed him then we play for maybe an hour. Longer if I'm not too sleepy. He also usually poops at this time so we wash up and sing and tickle.
  2. Then we go out of our room at 6:30 or 7 so he can eat his breakfast. I hand him over to the yaya and I go back to bed and sleep.
  3. While Vince and I sleep, Vito finishes breakfast, takes a bath, puts on his shoes, then goes off to the playground to get some sun and see his fellow toddlers.
  4. He comes back at around 9am, demanding loudly, "Mama! Papa!" Lately, however, Vito just walks into our bedroom and demands his hugs and kisses.
  5. Vince and I have breakfast. Then Vito takes his nap as soon as Vince leaves for work.

Anyway, yesterday morning, Vito wore his Boston Celtics onesie. He was so adorable in it!
Vito talking loudly. He's a loud child!
But shoes make the man and his shoes ruined the look! His shoes are super scuffed from all the walking he's been doing. Time for new shoes really.

Since his onesie is an adidas, maybe this pair will do the trick:

What you think? Or, because it's a red-and-green combo, will it look too Christmas-y? Haha!

adidas for kids is exclusively available at adidas shops in Alabang Town Center, Eastwood Mall, Greenbelt 3, Power Plant, Trinoma, Robinsons Bacolod and Gaisano Davao, and Rustan's Makati, Shangri-la Plaza.


  1. The shoes are adorable! And go, Celtics! I'd have to say the shoes kinda clash...but then again, he's a kid, right? :)

  2. hi frances! i'm getting hooked na with your blog. i saw another shoe you uploaded on a separate post (i think it's a gray or silver one), but for me I like this one (and the color for that matter). i think christmas-y siya if the color is kinda bright, but this one's more of dark red/maroonish shade.

    hope this helps!

    p.s. btw, i think your hubby's kinda familiar to me. was he the editor-in-chief of a gadget magazine (sorry, i forgot the name of the mag) and the brother of Phil Sales?

  3. A pair of red shoes would be the coolest! I think it would go well with any outfit. Besides, di na uso ang matchy matchy, haha! Blue would be your safest best though.

  4. Sounds like a heavenly schedule, Neighbor! It's good that you get to go back to sleep in the morning :)

  5. Nothing clashes when you're a kid! :D

  6. Patty, yep that's my husband! Former EIC of T3 Philippines and the brother of Phil. =)

  7. Thanks, everybody! I'm going to update you soonest on what we actually did get the bebe =)


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