Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Believing in our kids can do a whole lotta good

Hello friends! I've been away for a good long while, I know. I'm trying to avoid announcing something really exciting, that's why. Soon, soon, when the time is right!

For now, I want to share this lovely video that moved me so much these past few days.

No one really believed in me when I was growing up. Mostly because I was a girl and that means I'm just expected to be pretty and stupid and get married and have as many children as possible. Second, I was actually a pretty child so again, no expectations of greatness there except to snag a good husband. So I didn't really have great self-esteem. I guess that explains how I came to be in an abusive relationship in college.

What helped me was my faith and friends and Vince. When I realized that Jesus actually died for me, that's really big. That was a huge turning point--I was special enough for someone to lay down His life! My friends are also amazing. They always saw these great qualities that I never knew I had, like I'm smart and funny and hardworking and generous and kind. They told me I was all that and more! Then there's Vince. Vince is the reason where I am right now. He always wanted to give me the best because he said I deserved it. He also always pushed me and nagged me and scolded me and encouraged me to keep going after my dreams, insisting that nothing was beyond my reach. When you have someone like that in your life, you're unstoppable.

As a mommy, I realize how just simple affirmation and unconditional love can protect my child from this destructive world. There are already challenges even now in the playground, kids who reject Vito, push him away, ignore him. As he gets older, it will get worse. There will be cliques, gangs, bullies, girls, break-ups, job interviews. There will be friends who no longer want to be friends or move away or die. It's never going to end. But as long as he has a huge reservoir of love and faith in him, those things won't destroy him.

And that's why we parents have to love our children! If our kids know that we believe in them, then they will believe in themselves and there is nothing in this world that can stop a person like that from doing great and wondrous things!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Workout wear for the sexy (or at least trying to be!) mama

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

If you haven't noticed it yet, adidas is my blog sponsor. They somehow found out I only use adidas--shirts, shorts, socks, shoes!--and so they contacted me to see if I'm interested to feature their stuff and they'll give me workout gear in return. Because I'm anxious to get back into fighting form (and because I only use adidas!), I agreed.

What I didn't factor in was I'm shy to take photos of myself in workout clothes! Yep, even if the workout clothes are as cool as adidas. Photos of my bulgy self in skintight stuff are, well, embarrassing.

But for those of you mommies who already have nice bodies or aren't shy about your physiques, then let me show you the adidas gym outfits I'm salivating over:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vito's long hair!

So you all know that Vito's upset because I had all his baby hair shaved off. Well, lookit what I did:

Hehe. That's my Tokyo POSH hair extensions. I love it! I figured, since Vito was so attached to his hair, he might like new instant hair. Well...
He didn't! My boy is such a boy!

For more about my hair extensions (mommies, I've found the solution to our hair-in-a-perpetual-pony and mommy-hair-means-short-hair problem!), check out my fab photos on Beauty For A Living.

As for Vito's outfit, he's wearing a No Paparazzi tee (hehe, and I make my living off paparazzi photos!) and Next9 cloth diapers, both of which you can buy from Mothering Earthlings online store. Sooo easy to shop there!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What my boys do when I'm sleeping

This is an old video. Vito must've been 10 months old. He's 13 months today. Yes, this very day! And that's Papa and baby boy early in the morning.

He doesn't do gigil anymore but he waves hi and bye, joins conversations, attempts flying kiss (he just puts his palm to his lips--he doesn't make the kiss fly!). He says Mama, Papa, Teh (for Ate, his yaya), Teeda (for our rabbit Matilda), baba (for going down to the playground), kang (for kain). He says many other things but so far he's the only one who understands his language!

Happy 13th month, Vito! We miss your gigil face!

UPDATE: Syempre, as soon as this got published, Vito set out to prove me wrong! He's doing gigil face again (hooray!), he can do flying kiss with relish (mwah!), and he can say "shoes." He even said, "Papa shoes!" when he saw Vince's shoes!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I want these adidas sneaks!

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

I used to be someone who wore heels a lot. When I was pregnant with Vito, giving up heels was hard. Those shoes had been part of my life for a good long while. My mother bought me my first pair when I was 13. She said, "You're short. You need these." I'm 5'3", taller than most Pinays, but in my family where women are at least 5'5", ya, I was short.

So I was never the flats kinda girl. I lived in heels. And when I wore sneakers once to a family reunion, my aunts all looked at my feet with great disapproval and said, "Ladies do not wear rubber shoes."

Well, I think these pairs from adidas will change their minds!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Vito's first haircut

Two weeks ago, Vince and I, with Yaya Marita in tow for this big milestone, took one-year-old Vito to Cuts4Tots for his first ever buzz cut!

Hi! My name is Vito. I don't know why I'm here but Mama says it's for my
first ever haircut. What's a haircut?
This place is cool. I get to have my own car and a TV right in front of me!
Even Papa doesn't have a TV in front of him when he drives!
Uh. Why are they dressing me up in a blouse?
Uh oh. Whenever Mama has that face and high-pitched tone, something bad
is going to happen. Like vitamins and shots!
Excuse me, Mama. You're blocking the TV.
Please tell me this isn't happening.
It's really happening.
Why do they keep saying my head's perfect? They only realized that now?
Where's my... hair?
I want to go home now and hug Totoro. Please. Ktnxbye.

Poor Vito. Until now he pats his head whenever we say "kalbo" and "buhok." I didn't realize he had such an attachment to his hair!

Then this week, I picked up Vito's "First Ever Haircut" certificate! Sooo cute! The haircut cost about P400, ha. Mas mahal pa sa Bench Fix ang loko! But fine, fine, the certificate made up for it!

Cuts4Tots is on the 5th level of The Atrium of SM Megamall. We like it there. The staff are super nice and gentle with your baby. And the regular cuts (no certificate!) cost much less. Hooray!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My delightfully selfish reasons for breastfeeding

So we all know that breast milk is best for baby. But, my dear fellow mommies and mommies-to-be, you don't have to keep thinking, "I'm breastfeeding for my child's sake!" Let's not be martyrs. Did you know that breastfeeding is good for us, too? Here are my six just-for-my-own-benefit reasons why I breastfeed:

1. I'm lazy.
This is what made me decide to breastfeed in the first place. I was a formula-fed baby so I didn't really care whether I should breastfeed my baby or not. But when I was reading about breastfeeding and listening to other moms' stories, the idea of not getting up in the middle of the night to make milk, not sterilizing bottles and nipples, not lugging around huge bags of baby stuff, not worrying about getting clean water for formula when I'm in another place--all of these just appealed to the lazy girl in me! Baby cries, pop out the boobie! Baby's hungry, pop out the boobie! Baby's bored, sad, tired, pop out the boobie! Baby's sleepy, pop out the boobie! Problem solved. I like that very much!

2. I want to save money.
A can of formula costs a minimum of P500. That's a small can and usually lasts a week or less, if you happen to have a greedy baby. Breastfeeding saves me a lot of money! Plus, and for me this is more important, breast milk is filled with antibodies that protect my child from germs, allergies and sickness. When I'm sick, my body's antibodies come out in my milk and my baby sucks it all in so he's protected. In Vito's one year of existence, Vince and I had gotten sick three or four times of nasty colds and coughs and the flu. But because Vito got my antibodies, he never even got sick! So breastfeeding keeps Vito out of the hospital and our savings intact.

For more info: How human milk protects babies from illness - Dr. Sears

3. I like being a sexy momma.
If you see me eat now, your jaw would drop. I eat a lot. It's almost obscene. I can finish three platefuls of food on average. Three big dinner plates of food! But I'm still at a slender 117 lbs. With boobies. So I can eat lots and lots but since breastfeeding consumes so much energy, I don't get fat! A slim woman with a big appetite is sexy!

4. I want to have a super baby! 
Research has told us that breast milk makes babies smarter, stronger and not fat. But did you also know that breastfed babies smell better? Their poop smells better. I clean up my son's butt every morning and it's not horrifying at all (well, it was better when he wasn't on solids yet!). Breastfed babies also have nicer skin and better muscle tone--it has something to do with the fat and protein in mommy's milk, which is better suited to human babies than other animal milk. So breastfeeding means I have a smart, strong, slim, healthy baby with not-so-smelly poop, gorgeous skin and nice muscles!

For more info: Three little-known benefits of breastfeeding - Dr. Sears

5. I get protection from cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes.
Scientific research says that moms who breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months are less prone to ovarian, breast and cervical cancers. Breastfeeding moms also reduce their chance of getting osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and strokes. Since my family has a history of cancer, diabetes and strokes, this is fantastic news for me!

For more info: Breastfeeding protects mother - BBC

6. I'm selfish!
And my super favorite reason why I breastfeed is I get to have Vito all to myself. When he's in my arms and getting his nourishment from me, it's almost like being pregnant again, when it was just him and me. It's very intimate. Of course when I express my milk, my hubby and the yaya can feed Vito, too. But I know Vito prefers my breast. And when he's suckling, we look into each other's eyes, we giggle, we play. It's just him and me and it's one of the best feelings in the world ever. And I get to feel that way many times in a day every single day!

So those are my super selfish reasons for breastfeeding Vito. The best part is I get to enjoy all these benefits with the super duper bonus of being seen as a wonderful mother just because I breastfeed! Winner talaga!

Monday, September 5, 2011

One year of Vito

And the most amazing year it's been!

Thank you, Vito, for making Mama and Papa really happy. Really very happy!