Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My delightfully selfish reasons for breastfeeding

So we all know that breast milk is best for baby. But, my dear fellow mommies and mommies-to-be, you don't have to keep thinking, "I'm breastfeeding for my child's sake!" Let's not be martyrs. Did you know that breastfeeding is good for us, too? Here are my six just-for-my-own-benefit reasons why I breastfeed:

1. I'm lazy.
This is what made me decide to breastfeed in the first place. I was a formula-fed baby so I didn't really care whether I should breastfeed my baby or not. But when I was reading about breastfeeding and listening to other moms' stories, the idea of not getting up in the middle of the night to make milk, not sterilizing bottles and nipples, not lugging around huge bags of baby stuff, not worrying about getting clean water for formula when I'm in another place--all of these just appealed to the lazy girl in me! Baby cries, pop out the boobie! Baby's hungry, pop out the boobie! Baby's bored, sad, tired, pop out the boobie! Baby's sleepy, pop out the boobie! Problem solved. I like that very much!

2. I want to save money.
A can of formula costs a minimum of P500. That's a small can and usually lasts a week or less, if you happen to have a greedy baby. Breastfeeding saves me a lot of money! Plus, and for me this is more important, breast milk is filled with antibodies that protect my child from germs, allergies and sickness. When I'm sick, my body's antibodies come out in my milk and my baby sucks it all in so he's protected. In Vito's one year of existence, Vince and I had gotten sick three or four times of nasty colds and coughs and the flu. But because Vito got my antibodies, he never even got sick! So breastfeeding keeps Vito out of the hospital and our savings intact.

For more info: How human milk protects babies from illness - Dr. Sears

3. I like being a sexy momma.
If you see me eat now, your jaw would drop. I eat a lot. It's almost obscene. I can finish three platefuls of food on average. Three big dinner plates of food! But I'm still at a slender 117 lbs. With boobies. So I can eat lots and lots but since breastfeeding consumes so much energy, I don't get fat! A slim woman with a big appetite is sexy!

4. I want to have a super baby! 
Research has told us that breast milk makes babies smarter, stronger and not fat. But did you also know that breastfed babies smell better? Their poop smells better. I clean up my son's butt every morning and it's not horrifying at all (well, it was better when he wasn't on solids yet!). Breastfed babies also have nicer skin and better muscle tone--it has something to do with the fat and protein in mommy's milk, which is better suited to human babies than other animal milk. So breastfeeding means I have a smart, strong, slim, healthy baby with not-so-smelly poop, gorgeous skin and nice muscles!

For more info: Three little-known benefits of breastfeeding - Dr. Sears

5. I get protection from cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes.
Scientific research says that moms who breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months are less prone to ovarian, breast and cervical cancers. Breastfeeding moms also reduce their chance of getting osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and strokes. Since my family has a history of cancer, diabetes and strokes, this is fantastic news for me!

For more info: Breastfeeding protects mother - BBC

6. I'm selfish!
And my super favorite reason why I breastfeed is I get to have Vito all to myself. When he's in my arms and getting his nourishment from me, it's almost like being pregnant again, when it was just him and me. It's very intimate. Of course when I express my milk, my hubby and the yaya can feed Vito, too. But I know Vito prefers my breast. And when he's suckling, we look into each other's eyes, we giggle, we play. It's just him and me and it's one of the best feelings in the world ever. And I get to feel that way many times in a day every single day!

So those are my super selfish reasons for breastfeeding Vito. The best part is I get to enjoy all these benefits with the super duper bonus of being seen as a wonderful mother just because I breastfeed! Winner talaga!


  1. Good for you france! I actually envy you. See, since joel, i had this mindset to exclusively bf. But i wasn't successful since i don't have enough milk. She had prolems latching. We had lots of lactation consultant sessions before but wasn't successful. I did try a lot! But nah, she was only breastfed til 6 months and suplemented w/ formula. I never gave up, but i'm a poor cow just compensating being a good momma.

    Then baby li came. Since ihad that experience before. I even had classes w/ joel, i thoght. Was well equipped and tried to do the rght things or so i thought. He latched nicely, cknfirmed by a LC too so i thought this ime i'd be successful. Again, i tried a lot of things but nah, supply is still not enough. I just came to a cinclusion then that probably, genetically, i don't produce that much milk. So again, the lil one's supplemented

    I still bf eventhough i know it's not enough. Like you, i love that feeling of ntimacy w/ the lil one. And the boobies do soothe him :) pacifiers nya yun :)

    Anyway, continue w/ this advocacy and i am a 100% supporter of this.


  2. Rafela, you are a good mother whether you breastfeed or not! Never ever think women who breastfeed are better mothers than you. We all do our best!

    I also mix-feed Vito. I can't express much milk, you see, so if my stock runs out, I have backup goat's milk. :)

  3. I agree. Anyway, pls continueninspiring other mommas through this blog. I'm too lazy to comment but i do follow all your blogs :)
    By the way, im elapotski on twitter. Nakaprivy ngalang so even if i reply to your tweets u don't see it pala. Toink!
    Nga pala, are u following the masci 94 thread sa facebook. Uv been name-dropped a lot of times. Hirap talaga pag isa sa crush ng bayan e. Heheheh

  4. My reason for breastfeeding is because I'm selfish too :) haha! Only I can do it so my twins runs back to me all the time :) Kaya nga I think I'll be having a hard time weaning them. I also mix feed them. Hindi kaya ng boobies ko to satisfy 2 babies pero they always, always look for mommy's milkshakes :)

  5. Hi Frances! Ako naman my selfish reasons are same as #s 2 , 3 and 6!

    Blogged about breastfeeding too.

  6. haha!
    ang kulit nung pop the boobie a!
    number 6 reason really do sound so sweet. the perfect bonding moment for mom & child,right?

    kudos to you for breastfeeding,hun.
    not a lot of busy moms do that these days.

    as far as i remember, my mom breastfed our youngest brother up until 3 or 4 ata e. i can't remember the exact age but what i remember is that we had a hard time making him stop that my mom had to even consider rubbing chili on her booby para lang magstop bro ko..

  7. word, word and word times six! I laughed out loud at the "pop a boobie" part. reminds me when I'm out with my parents or sibs and the baby fusses and they're all "do you want to go to the breastfeeding room / restroom" and I'm like, "no I'll feed her here" - out pops a boobie! (I invested in a breastfeeding cover though for their sake!)

  8. thank you for this! i did not BF my first born and now i'm cursing myself for not doing so. i will definitely BF my next baby if we are blessed with another one.

  9. I wish I had known about your blog during my breastfeeding days. Might have helped me push harder. You're inspiring, Frances. Love you to bits!

  10. Hahaha! All of those are really true for me! Selfish na kung selfish.. My baby turns 3 on Nov 6 and the question is To wean or not the wean. I've tried the bitter herbal thing but I pity my lil girl so I washed my breasts and voila - back to bonding na naman! Hehe. lazy na kung lazy. I actually find moms who carry large bags very funny but no offense to all moms out there ha who formula fed their babies.

  11. I so agree to all the 6 reasons you listed. :D

  12. i share your selfish-mommy thoughts on breastfeeding! yay!

  13. I share the same sentiments as you do towards breastfeeding! Although I supplement him with some formula when he wants a little extra milk after breastfeeding. I have a very matakaw baby right here!

    You are spot on with all the work formula feeding/bottle feeding a baby requires you to do.

    I'm trying to build up my milk supply again, it went down after I got sick last month. Just purchased lactation muffins and I'm pumping and breastfeeding like crazy! I hope to wean him from formula and become exclusively breastfed again!

    Yay for breastfeeding and breastfed babies!

  14. Your selfishness inspires me a lot to breastfeed my third child! (I breastfed the 2 ones just or a month.)

    Seeing how big Inigo is as a breastfed baby, I was motivated to BF my newborn by hook or by crook, and thank God for bloggers like you and the Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, my baby is a milk monster. :D

    I guess one of the reasons why I don't have a cranky baby this time around is because he is a BF baby. Thank you for inspiring us readers, to do things we never thought we could. It is really a mind over matter thingy. hehehe!


  15. i bumped into your post from FB page to another...this made me LOL :) and feels glad again that i'm able to breastfeed my soon to be 6months old baby,too :) *high five* thanks for sharing ur thoughts here -- reassuring that BF is always really the BEST way to go :)


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