Monday, September 5, 2011

One year of Vito

And the most amazing year it's been!

Thank you, Vito, for making Mama and Papa really happy. Really very happy!


  1. i don't wanna click this na sana kasi you know naman how much i want to have a baby but since im a vito fan, i just can't pass it up. good thing i didn't!

    thanks for the lovely video!
    it really made my day! i love vito more than you na nga e..hahaha!

    you're so lucky to have a very adorable boy! i hope & pray that he will stay healthy & happy!

  2. What gorgeous little boy! And happy one at that. Great job on the video papa! Isn't so hard to narrow down the pictures?

  3. Haha I love 0:27!

  4. Oh, my goodness! he is just too, too adorable! Happy one year, Vito!


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