Friday, September 9, 2011

Vito's first haircut

Two weeks ago, Vince and I, with Yaya Marita in tow for this big milestone, took one-year-old Vito to Cuts4Tots for his first ever buzz cut!

Hi! My name is Vito. I don't know why I'm here but Mama says it's for my
first ever haircut. What's a haircut?
This place is cool. I get to have my own car and a TV right in front of me!
Even Papa doesn't have a TV in front of him when he drives!
Uh. Why are they dressing me up in a blouse?
Uh oh. Whenever Mama has that face and high-pitched tone, something bad
is going to happen. Like vitamins and shots!
Excuse me, Mama. You're blocking the TV.
Please tell me this isn't happening.
It's really happening.
Why do they keep saying my head's perfect? They only realized that now?
Where's my... hair?
I want to go home now and hug Totoro. Please. Ktnxbye.

Poor Vito. Until now he pats his head whenever we say "kalbo" and "buhok." I didn't realize he had such an attachment to his hair!

Then this week, I picked up Vito's "First Ever Haircut" certificate! Sooo cute! The haircut cost about P400, ha. Mas mahal pa sa Bench Fix ang loko! But fine, fine, the certificate made up for it!

Cuts4Tots is on the 5th level of The Atrium of SM Megamall. We like it there. The staff are super nice and gentle with your baby. And the regular cuts (no certificate!) cost much less. Hooray!


  1. Vito's adorable! As always... And the photo captions made the scenes hilariously cute (is there such a thing?)... Congrats on your 1st haircut Vito... :)

  2. I brought Elijah for his 1st haircut and I paid $22. The certificate was not even that nice. They just gave the certificate for me to fill up. pfft!

  3. haha!
    lol at your mag-ama pic holding their heads...

    i guess it goes to show how smart babies are..nah, i should rephrase smart vito is. i guess he love his hair to bits & maybe he really doesn't want a shaved head. but then he got to ride a car with TV so i guess it's ok pa din

    i always pass by cuts4tots & i thin kit is a very cute place...really cute!
    didn't know they give out certificates.i think its a very nice memento,ne?

  4. Poor guy! He doesn't look happy at all. Hahaha.

  5. he's sooo cute!! kalbo or not, Vito... you looking good! :) I'm sure you'll get use to it soon. :) hugs and kisses, cutie!

  6. my boys love cuts for tots! :) although my eldest who just turned 6 goes to the barber with his dad na. because he's a big boy na daw (sob!)

    wow vito's getting pogi ah! :) hope to see him again in the office!

  7. Gwapo naman ni Vito! He hardly has hair to cut though, so cute!

  8. Aww Vito! You're still handsome! Frances, he looks so much like you!

    Regarding the head shape, does anyone really have perfectly round head?! I'm getting sort of insecure with Jacob's head because it's not "perfectly round" as others say it should. Eh ano bang paki nila if my son's head is not "perfectly round"! I love his little/big cute head the way it is! Haha.

  9. "Uh oh. Whenever Mama has that face and high-pitched tone, something bad is going to happen. Like vitamins and shots!"

    This is SO TRUE. Hahaha.

  10. He's such a good boy! No crying or struggling ah!

  11. Good boy! We went there also to get Hiro kalbo when he turned one. He cried and struggled the whole time. I think the feel of the razor shocked him. Took us 5 years to get his hair cut by a barber...and it had to be at home pa. Then six years for him to agree to go to the barber shop...but still no razors.

  12. Salamat! Salamat! Yes, Vito's such a good sport. He does miss his hair, though. Poor guy!

  13. hi frances :)

    i've been following your blog for a long time now but only got the courage to post a comment now because i'm really curious why you made Vito kalbo. :D is there a sort of pamahiin or something? just a thought. :)

  14. No pamahiin. I'm so not the pamahiin kind of girl. His hair wasn't pantay--there were long parts on the top of his head and I just wanted to shave it all off so that all his hair will grow out pantay. Is all!

  15. oh i see. i think i'll do the same when my baby turns 1. :) thanks for the reply frances. :)


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