Monday, September 19, 2011

Vito's long hair!

So you all know that Vito's upset because I had all his baby hair shaved off. Well, lookit what I did:

Hehe. That's my Tokyo POSH hair extensions. I love it! I figured, since Vito was so attached to his hair, he might like new instant hair. Well...
He didn't! My boy is such a boy!

For more about my hair extensions (mommies, I've found the solution to our hair-in-a-perpetual-pony and mommy-hair-means-short-hair problem!), check out my fab photos on Beauty For A Living.

As for Vito's outfit, he's wearing a No Paparazzi tee (hehe, and I make my living off paparazzi photos!) and Next9 cloth diapers, both of which you can buy from Mothering Earthlings online store. Sooo easy to shop there!


  1. ahahaha!
    LOL at the 3rd pic!
    this is priceless!

  2. His facial expression on the last photo is sooo cute and funny. XD

  3. OMG how cuuuute! His face on the third pic is all "What the heck is this on my head?!"

  4. OMG ang cute ni Vito!! pretty girl sya ha!! :D

  5. He loves his new hair! Time to bring him to Tokyo Posh.

    Thanks for plug!

  6. Cute niya, no? =D Kaloka talaga yang batang yan! That was the first and only time he allowed me to do that, btw. =)


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