Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vito goes shoe shopping!

Last weekend, Vince and I took Vito shoe shopping. My boy has big feet. He has already outgrown shoes meant for 18-month-old kids, and he's only 14 months!

So, dressed very casually in shirts and shorts (Vito donned his Future Azkal shirt from Mothering Earthlings, Mothercare shorts and now-too-tight Hubsche Ginoble shoes), off we went to Jump at High Street and was absolutely delighted to find a well edited selection of kids' shoes there.

Here I am with my new adidas Star Wars sneaks!
I'm also picking out new sandals for Mama.
Mama's gotten chubby! There's a big reason why! But I can't tell yet.
Mama and I always sit on the floor when we put on shoes.
And no, Mama never brushes her hair!
Testing these black Ipanemas. Very comfy!
Mama, Papa, buy these, too!
Okay, shopping's done. Let's go home now.
Papa, stop taking pictures!
Fine. I'm going to the car. You follow. Bye.

It's so uncanny how our son is just like us. Vince and I like shoes and style. The kid's barely out of infancy and already he's got an eye for cool shoes! I'm so proud!


  1. Love it! ang cute ng walking pics with the shopping bag HAHAHAHAH

    and... the secret?! :) exciting!

  2. I really love his expressions. And the captions are so funny! Parang it's something he'll really say.

  3. haha!
    LOL at the last pic
    ang kyot kyot!!!

  4. Frances! If your secret is what I think it is, that is so exciting! :D

  5. OMG your son is so adorable! Makes me want to have another baby... ASAP :) LOL

  6. Super cute Vito, especially on the last photo!

  7. vito is so cute, especially while he is carrying his shopping bag...


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