Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vito Sales: future football star!

This post is brought to you by Adidas.

One of the reasons why we gave Vito his name is we wanted it to stand on its own, ya know, in case he becomes famous one day. For example, if he becomes a rock star or a football star, the chants that will reverberate will be "Vi-to! Vi-to! Vi-to!" It stands alone compared to, say, Mark and John and Allan and Michael, nice names but very common names.

So there I've confessed it--we have superstardom dreams for our boy. When prenatal Vito was kicking about ferociously in my tummy, I decided this little boy is going to be a football player one day. His Lolo Mon and his Papa used to play soccer so it's not unlikely Vito will follow suit. Especially since, at just 14 months old, he learned to kick a ball!

The fact that the Philippines now has a football team gives me hope. The Azkals aren't the best team in the world but, hey, we're new in the world of soccer and already, the Azkals are making waves internationally. In fact, in December, L.A. Galaxy is coming over for a match (I just want to see David Beckham!). That's good, that's good! I am hoping we'll develop a football culture so that 10-12 years from now, we'd have a real chance at the World Cup and Vito might be plucked out of some grassy field and asked to play!

In honor of football, here's a really cool pair from adidas that I can actually see Vito wearing one day:

Looks mighty space age! Can't wait for my future football star to own a pair!

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