Monday, October 31, 2011

Vito's first official Halloween!

Actually, the first one was October 2010, but last year, Vito was just nearly 3 months old and Vince and I were in a very sour mood because our finances were drained to almost zero because of someone else's medical emergencies. So this year, to compensate, we decided that Vito has to have a great Halloween!

Thank goodness his friend Justin had a birthday party!
Hi! I'm Tigger. That's because I was born in the year of the Tiger. No, we're not Chinese. 
Here is my barkada: Enzo as a policeman, Alfonso as an Angry Bird and Sophia as a fairy.
Mama kept saying Enzo had the best costume.
Isn't MY costume cute? Mama even voted for Enzo, not for me! Why?!
It's a good thing they had iced candy. It made me feel lots better.

We all had to join the costume contest. I won!
I still can't believe Mama voted for another boy.
And here's the rest of the crazy crowd! Justin is Woody and the blond princess is Masha.

The little guy won two costume contests. The second one was the day after this so we just dusted off his Tigger costume and sent him off. He came back with tons of candy and strutting about while yaya said Vito walked onstage all by himself (I had to stay home because I'm on bed rest). His Papa and I are very proud. And after the second time he brought home his prize, we have a better understanding of that horrific show Toddlers and Tiaras!

How about you? Hope you can share your kids' costumes, too! Leave a link so I can check them out! Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Frances! I made my daughter's costume - she came as Pebbles.

    Bagay kay Vito yung Tigger costume nya, buti hindi nya tinanggal yung headgear.

  2. Bad mama! Buti nlang Vito still won! Congrats Tigger!

  3. Vito is the cutest Tigger ever! can't believe your Mama didn't vote for you (although the police officer was cute, too, i must say).

  4. Supercute! I love his costume!

  5. What a cute Tigger! :)

    Here are photos of my kids.

    Kelly as Tinker Bell

    and as Princess Aurora

    Nathan as a magician

    and a ghost from The Grudge

  6. Cute Vito! :) Wish we had a tiger costume too! Y likes tigers... plus she's very masungit. Tigreng tigre bagay haha.

    But we had to skipped this year's Halloween because she got sick last Friday. :(

    Hope you and Wiggle are doing fine!

  7. Your Tigger needs to meet my Dora! ;)

  8. I love tigger... been watching tigger and pooh everynight now for a month. Its my little girl's fave.

    Vito looks cute on a tigger costume too...

  9. Bagay kay Vito gwapito!

    For her first Halloween, Elle went as Pororo, the little penguin.

  10. My baby was dressed as Tigger too, borrowed from her cousin and I let him wore a pumpkin hat...


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