Saturday, November 12, 2011

Behind-the-scenes of a mommy fashion shoot

... is a little boy trying to join in on the fun!

This was a little shoot Vince and I did for my sponsored fashion post for Mango. The task was to create looks using the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. From top to toe. Since I am pregnant (and I am bigger now compared to my first pregnancy), I had a hard time choosing clothes that will flatter my oddly shaped body. But, of course, it was a success!
To see the photos, click here!

Someone commented that she never realized Mango sold maternity clothes. Mango doesn't. It is I who refuse to buy maternity clothes! Longtime readers of this mommy blog know from my first pregnancy how I absolutely abhorred the maternity fashion out there. So what I did was buy regular non-preggy clothes but in a larger size.

In my favorite Kamiseta plaid summer dress.
I was just about to give birth to Vito!

It can be done, folks. I only have 2 maternity dresses from Gingersnaps. I survived on clothes from Karimadon, Tango, Kamiseta and Warehouse and not once did I look frumpy (except when I was at home!). Fellow preggy mommas, a stylish pregnancy is absolutely possible! Let's not give up on style. It's harder, yes, but people have to see how gorgeous we look if only to stop them from saying stuff like, "You must be having a boy because you look ugly/tired/terrible."

Share with me your fashionable finds, too! I'm lazy to shop for this second pregnancy but I don't want to repeat clothes from the first one. Why? Well, so I can tell the difference! So I ought to shop. But feeling very lazy. So please inspire me!


  1. You look fab in that green dress grabe! :)
    I also try NOT to buy maternity clothes, so 50/50 ang wardrobe ko from SM dept. store & tiangge finds, to Bayo, People Are People - mostly tent blouses, tunics, empire cut tops :)

  2. i absolutely love the kamiseta dress!

    i hardly bought maternity clothes while pregnant. i just was too lazy to buy clothes for myself. =) i got a blouse and a skirt only when the bump got way too big.


  3. I survived on tights and big blouses/shirts (especially during the last few weeks of my pregnancy).

    My finds were mostly from the department store (SM) and maxi dresses from Greenhills and 168, and shirts from the husband's closet.

  4. I used my regular clothes when I was pregnant only because most of my tops are stretchy and empire cut! lol super nakatipid ako...i did buy a pair of maternity black pants for work.

    you look great!

  5. Me, too; I survived on stretchy dresses, wrap dresses and maxi dresses. NO to frumpy pregnancy! ;)

    Try the Infinitude by EDEN (; they have a superb line of clothes that are great for preggy, nursing and breastfeeding moms. Bianca calls it "dressing for all four trimesters," and her clothes are super, super sexy and non-traditional. They also sell them in Aura Athletica in Rockwell.

  6. i'm not using my maternity clothes yet for this 2nd pregnancy. i'm stretching the use of my regular dresses. though i did purchase a couple of trousers from H&M Mama already. i don't intend to use the tent type dresses i wore on my first pregnancy. they look horrible on me! (what was i thinking??!!!)

  7. Lucky you! I was huge, there was no way I could fit in non maternity clothes.

  8. I'm not pregnant now but I am plus size and I blog about my fashion finds / tricks! hope you find something to inspire you here:

  9. My fave piece when I was pregnant is the yoga pants I bought, so comfortable.

    I didn't buy maternity clothes too, good thing that roomy and dressy clothes plus leggings are popular last year. And I borrowed some tops from my mother. =)

  10. Kainggit ka naman Frances! Large lang during your pregnancy?! I thought the X's on my clothes wouldn't end! You look great! Blooming na blooming! :D

  11. AMEN! LOL. You're a beautiful pregnant woman! Like you, I refuse to buy frumpy maternity clothes. I find ISABELLA OLIVER from the U.K. to be the best maternity brand. EVER.

    It is really hard to have a positive body image during pregnancy. I don't feel sexy at all, and the last 2 months are always hell since the heaviness of it all sets in! (I'm on my 3rd pregnancy now, giving birth January 2012)! But with a positive mind (and a great maternity wardrobe), we can conquer all!


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!