Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Proud mama! Vito is developmentally advanced!

At Vito's 15th month check-up, his pedia, Dr. Cricket Chen, said that my little boy is developmentally advanced. His motor skills are those of an 18-month-old, his social skills and emotional development are those of a 2-year-old, and his language--for a boy--is pretty good.

Apparently, at 15 months old, girls can talk a mile a minute. Boys, on the other hand, can say an average of five or six words. Vito can say Mama, Papa, bye-bye, hi, ball, doggie, car, more, no more, dede, baby, Teeda (that's our rabbit, Matilda), baby, t*t* (yes, as in his penis) and... Hmm, he can say a few more but the words escape me right now. That's 13 or so words. As Dr. Cricket said, "His language is very good!"

He loves to point out cars and shriek, "Car!!!" or go, "Vrooooom!", making traffic jams loads more tolerable, even fun. He loves to entertain us with his silly faces and energetic dances, which must be performed on tabletops, of course! He expects applause and nothing less. He can be told to fetch things, which he does happily, but there are times he's been disobedient. Once, he even lied. Lied! He's got a bad temper, a strong personality, a very determined will and a very focused single-mindedness.
One of my naughty faces.
Well, no surprise there. His parents are the same. Our own parents proclaim Vince and I are not exactly the most behaved, most obedient or the easiest children. And now, look what we have here--a mini-us! Funnily enough, Vito's tantrums (which Dr. Cricket says is typical of a 2-year-old, not a 15-month-old) don't work on me. I've had tons of practice with my own tantrums, with Vince's tantrums, with former bosses' tantrums and with other kids' tantrums (I used to be a preschool teacher). So when Vito throws himself on the floor in a screaming fit, I just get very amused.

Well there! I'm bursting with pride! I am, however, fully aware that a developmentally advanced baby doesn't mean a lot in the long run. For example, I started walking when I was 10 months old. I was a physically strong baby, climbing and running so much so that my grandfather tied me to my crib. But am I an athlete now? I can't even climb a flight of stairs without panting. I can't even walk fast. Run? Ha!

On my favorite perch, the glass table
So I know Vito's leaps and bounds in the milestones department may mean nothing in the future. But for now, I am oh so proud! So incredibly proud. And looking at my wonderful boy, I allow myself to dream such very big dreams.


  1. The stars must have aligned for babies named Vito; our little V was (and is) advanced, too! He's just 24 months, but he is already so curious and eager to try new things. How fast they grow, no? Huhuhu.

  2. hello mommy Frances! you have a cute little boy. I've always wanted to have a boy, but my 3rd is still a girl pero okay na. stop na. hehehe! congrats on your little boy... :D

  3. Good job, Vito! Nakaka-excite naman reading his milestones and all the fun you get! I can't wait for my Jacob to do them too! Nako, Frances how will you chase him nga??

  4. Congrats on your boy's milestones. Isn't it very rewarding to know all these things about our children? I commend you for bravely saying, "...I know Vito's leaps and bounds in the milestones department may mean nothing in the future..." because it is a reminder for all parents that each child is a unique individual.

    My now 5-year-old daughter, at 20 MONTHS, could sing nursery rhymes and complete complex puzzles. (My second girl is a different story - hahaha). But these milestones are just that...milestones. It's not a measure of a child's intelligence because "intelligence" is really multi-faceted - one that includes emotional, physical, neuro-cognitive development. I hope all mothers understand this and NOT compare their children with others'.


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